Shimano Saint


Proven on DH podiums all over the world, the heritage and performance of the Shimano Saint brakes is unquestioned. With just one finger, the Saints can unleash brutal power, with enough feedback to inspire complete confidence when charging hard. We love the ergonomic feel of the lever, but still do not like the ‘free stroke’ contact point adjuster screw that seems like an afterthought and does not work very well. In the lab, the Saints are no longer the most powerful, but they are still in the ‘big league’ and dish out massive forces again and again.

On the trail, declaration is smooth and controllable, with enough power to lock a wheel at any speed. The short levers dish out a surprising amount of control over the ridiculously powerful forces, and the effective reach adjustment allows you to put that power right where you need it. The payoff is that the Saints are very heavy! While that weight is the burden of rugged reliability and consistent performance, there are now other brakes that dish out almost the same performance at a much lighter weight. If you live in the Alps or are fond of mind bending G-forces then the Saints will rock your world.

+ The king of DH
+ Superb performance
– Too powerful for inexperienced riders
– Heavy

Average Power [Nm]: 116,0
Weight: 300 g
Price: keine Angabe vom Hersteller
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