SRAM Guide T

With a price of just €117, SRAM’s latest Guide T brakes look like a storming bargain. Indeed, there are many features on the Guide T that are found on the more expensive models, including the S4 caliper with the effortless Bleeding Edge technology. The stamped aluminium levers are the simpler DirectLink models, which as the name suggests, compresses the piston directly without a cam to modulate the force. The lever is quite basic and visually no match for the smooth ergonomics of the more expensive models, with no tool-free adjustment; a tool is needed to adjust the reach of the lever. The clamp is also less refined than the more expensive models, but still has matchmaker compatibility. On the trail, the Guide Ts struggled a little on steep terrain. The direct link lever gives a lot of modulation for the more expensive models, but we had to pull hard to haul down high speeds. The price of the SRAM Guide T is very appealing, and if you are on a strict budget the Guide T models are fine for trail riding. If you plan on gravity-focussed adventures, it would be better to save a little more and choose the SRAM Code R’s which offer a lot more control and power.

Packing a great value punch, the SRAM Guide T might not be a powerhouse but it makes a smooth trail brake that is sure to find its way onto lots of bikes. Aggressive riders will miss the additional power offered by more expensive models.


– Affordable
– Easy to bleed


– Underpowered
– Basic lever

Price: € 117 (single)
Weight: 546 g (set, w/o rotors)