For those who desire power, the beautifully crafted Trickstuff Direttissima are the one to rule them all. The sculpted quad-piston caliper features teflon seals and can dish out enough power to stop a charging bull, effortlessly the most powerful brake in the test. Manufactured in Germany their construction is simply beautiful: the clean lines and precise action of the minimalist lever would not look out of place on a Formula 1 car. Running on 4 cartridge bearings, the long blade is frictionless and wobble-free, however, there is no tool-free reach adjustment or contact point adjustment, and the clamp did spin a little on some bars. However, compared to Shimano Saint models, they save over 200 g. Style-conscious riders can choose from nine colours and mix and match their desired combo of caliper and lever. Installation and bleeding is a little more involved than the best in test, and we would recommend buying the official bleed kit. On the trail the Direttissimas are sublime. The new Power+ pads (they are compatible with Shimano pads) scrub speed effortlessly, no gradient or demand is too much. The lever floats though its range, dispensing just enough modulation, while a firm pull results in a clamp of braking torque so violent that they can lock a wheel– including the front–at any speed.

The Trickstuff Direttissima brakes are the pinnacle of braking performance, with the best lever feel, power and refined modulation, However, factoring in the wild ‘€375 an end’ price tag they need to be perfect, and limited adjustment and a poor clamp design was disappointing.


– Incredible performance
– Beautiful


– Too powerful for some
– Fiercely expensive

Price: € 375 (single)
Weight: 388 g (set, w/o rotors)