TRP G-Spec Quadiem

While TRP are big players in the entry-level brake market, they have made little to no impact on the high-end sector. When Aaron Gwin signed with TRP we all expected he had made a mistake–until the G-Spec Quadiem made us eat our words. The TRP G-Spec Quadiem is a monster of a brake: big in form and big in function. The forged, CNC-sculptured then highly polished levers feel like something you would find on a top-class motocross bike. The lever swings with confidence and precision and there is absolutely nothing to suggest that TRP’s history lies in budget offerings. Deep dimples and drilled holes provide maximum finger traction. The quad-piston caliper is a monster too: wide with CNCed cooling fins running its length. After 6 months on the bike the TRP G-Spec Quadiem have been 100% reliable, not a single bleed was needed. Even after some big crashes the levers are still straight and true. On the trail, the linear lever pull provides huge modulation: you get the feeling of big pads pressing against big rotors, but a firm pull is needed to engage full power. For riders looking for a brake with bombproof reliability, smooth power delivery and who want to stand out from the crowd, the TRP G-Spec Quadiems have become a test team favourite.

TRP’s G-Spec Quadium is an impressive entry into the gravity-focussed brake market with excellent modulation, stylish looks and sublime ergonomics. While it cannot match the brutal deceleration of the best in test, it has more than enough muscle for most riders.


– Superb linear modulation
– Bombproof build


– Heavy
– More bite needed

Price: 219 (single)
Weight: 608 g (set, w/o rotors)