Best Value – Formula Cura

Formula brakes have always been famous, or infamous, for fearsome deceleration combined with ‘stick-in-the-spokes’ modulation. However, their latest Cura model is an entirely new animal. The Cura is a ground-up redesign, now using mineral oil with a more conventional compression piston. The forged aluminium cylinder and lever assembly feels great in the hand, with a smooth action, although the reach adjustment does require a tool to operate. The ergonomic lever is compact on the bar and you can use a Mix Master adaptor to direct mount both Shimano and SRAM shifters. Available in gloss black or polished aluminium, the caliper features a pair of large 24 mm pistons. Installing the brake is easy as the calipers are fitted with Speed Lock connectors, allowing you to disconnect the hose bleed-free from the caliper. On the trail the Curas were impressive indeed, delivering powerful deceleration with good modulation–a huge improvement over the brutal delivery of old. As with all Formula brakes the bite point comes in very early into the lever travel, and while they cannot quite match the smooth modulation of the best four-piston brakes, the Formula Cura brings DH power to a two-piston caliper. We found them very noisy in the wet at first, but after we replaced the organic pads we spent more time bedding in the second set and they were near silent.

The Cura is Formula’s best brake to date: smooth, ergonomic and with enough power for full-bore gravity riding. It comes for a very fair price and takes home our Best Value Award!


– Very powerful
– Ergonomic lever


– Noise in the wet
– Bites early in lever travel

Price: € 124 (single)
Weight: 466 g (set, w/o rotors)