Hope Tech 3 E4

Well respected for their rugged durability, smooth modulation and excellent spares support, Hope brakes have an almost cult following. Manufactured in-house in their production facility in Barnoldswick, UK, the machined T6 aluminium caliper and lever look stunning. Available in 6 colours, the moto-inspired Tech 3 levers are fully adjustable, allowing you to put the bite point and reach exactly where you want it. The sexy caliper houses four 16-millimeter phenolic pistons that deliver their power with a single finger in a smooth wave of deceleration on the trail. Low on grab, high on feel, the Hopes instantly delighted testers who love creamy modulation, an excellent brake on muddy and loose surfaces. Riders who love the sharp bite of brands like Formula and Shimano were left wanting a bit more oomph. Where Hope’s Tech 3/E4 lead the market is in their rugged durability and support: if you crash and break something, Hope will have a spare part to fit, and after two seasons of hard use, we hardly touched them. Pad wear is excellent, and during long Alpine descents the bite point and performance remained consistent. We just wish they had a touch more bite when you hammer them on–a touch more muscle at the limit would make these braking nirvana.

If you get excited by beautiful machining and love modulation and smooth power delivery, the E4 brakes from Hope are exceptional. If Hope could bring out a pad that offers a sharper bite on the limit, these would be the brake to beat.


– Class-leading modulation
– Many colours available


– Soft bite point
– Beauty is expensive

Price: € 215 (single)
Weight: 488 g (set, w/o rotors)

Info: hopetech.com