Hope Tech 3 V4

If consistency were the primary ingredient of a good brake, then every bike would be fitted with the Hope Tech 3 V4. Even after screaming descents and long ‘hanging out the back’ brake drags down wild chutes the bite point and feel does not flinch. While a bit long in the tooth, the CNCed Tech 3 levers still look great and give precise and easy adjustment of bite point and reach without tools, and adaptors are available for direct-mounting both Shimano and SRAM shifters. The CNCed one-piece 2014 T6 alloy caliper has bigger phenolic pistons than the E4 (16/14mm vs 14/14 mm) and on the trail dishes out huge amounts of modulation. The braking force is very linear, delivering easy to predict deceleration from the instant the pads kiss the rotors. Braided steel hoses ensure maximum power transfer, and for those who like to match collar and cuffs, the brakes are available in 6 colours. In the lab the numbers were very similar to the E4 and on the trail, the power is delivered in a similar way with only the final pull showing the bigger muscles of the V4. Where the Hope’s struggle is when you bang on the brakes hard from speed in ‘oh shit’ moments, lacking the fierce bite of some of the more aggressive competition, so at times we were left wanting a bit more grab.

With bigger pistons that the E4, the V4 is Hope’s dedicated DH brake. On the trail we loved the creamy modulation and build quality, but the linear power delivery left us with tired arms on long descents.


– Beautiful build quality
– Bombproof reliability


– Expensive
– Lacking bite

Price: € 235 (single)
Weight: 490 g (set, w/o rotors)

Info: hopetech.com