We were impressed with the €109 Magura MT5 model last year, finding their balance of power and price more than tempting. And there’s still a lot to like about the MT5s: the MagnetiXchange pads magically lock themselves into the correct location, and the use of Royal Blood mineral oil is better for the environment. The quad-piston calipers with the central brace are capable of fierce deceleration and the modulation is not bad. Our main gripe is the lever: once more polarising the test team, this awkwardly long lever feels wooden and a little ‘unsophisticated’ in use, especially compared to the ergonomic and sculpted designs of the competition. The plasticy Carbotecture construction does not help, and we found it easy to damage if we were not careful when bleeding. The new optional HC lever is a huge step forward when it comes to ergonomics and this would be our choice. During trail testing, braking torque and deceleration were brutal – but rich in German precision. Wet or dry, the Maguras hauled down speed quickly, and were nothing but reliable. We have now had these brakes fitted to test bikes for over a year and they have demanded very little attention, but they do eat pads quickly. If you’re on a budget and looking for the most power for your hard-earned cash, the MT5 are unrivalled.

The MT5s are excellent brakes for those looking for power on a budget. For the price there is little to complain about, but the wooden feel and awkward lever makes some of the competition look more appealing.


– Massive power and control
– Five-year warranty


– Poor pad wear
– Lever feels awkward

Price: € 111 (single)
Weight: 470 g (set, w/o rotors)