The €220 Magura MT7’s have the reputation of huge power with teutonic efficiency, and it’s well deserved. Performing better than the mighty Trickstuff Direttissima in the gruelling 45-0 km/h test, the MT7’s boast insane power. Inside the quad-piston aluminium caliper are two independent sets of magnetised brake pads, allowing the caliper body to be braced in the middle for maximum force. You have to be careful when aligning the caliper for drag-free riding, but once set-up the Maguras have enough power to stop a train–gently. The new ergonomic HC lever is a massive upgrade over their once ugly two-fingered design, and while the Carbotecture SL material looks cheap, it is very light. The comfortable lever features a reach and bite point adjuster, though the latter was hard to turn on our set. Large torx bits are used throughout and installation and bleeding is very simple with Magura Royal Blood mineral oil fluid. On the trail the Magura MT7’s are sublime. Easy to control with one finger, they have lost the wooden feeling that plagued previous models. With more power than most need, smooth modulation and offering a great weight saving, they are the best choice for gravity-focused riders.

Combining the powerful MT7 caliper with the new HC levers has transformed the MT7, now boasting huge modulation with enough power to stop even the heaviest rider, they are our brake of choice for gravity riders.


– Massive power
– HC lever is much improved


– Carbotecture does not feel premium
– Stiff bite point control screw

Price: € 219 (single)
Weight: 488 g (set, w/o rotors)