Best in test Hope F20

The Hope F20 has been on the market for 5 years now but you would never know it: the platform is machined from a solid block of aluminium and is still enthusing many of us — and we’re not just talking about CNC nerds. If you run your finger over the wavy surface of the platform you’ll realise that the F20 is not just a masterpiece of machining but also a pretty serious trail-utensil. In addition, the ten sharp-edged pins on each side will give you even more traction. The conically shaped pins allow for a more stable footing and make it almost impossible to break off the pins. However, if you happen to damage one of the pins the box contains 10 loctite coated spares. The pins can easily be turned inside-out with the help of a 2 mm Allen key.

The F20 doesn’t just look cool, it also performs incredibly well on the trail. The grip is excellent on both flowy trails and rowdy downhill sections. Even after several months of abuse the bushings and the three ball-bearings inside the pedal are still running smoothly, just like on the first day. Should anything go wrong with the bearings you can replace them. Alongside the superb bearings, the Hope F20 also features the best quality weather-seals in the entire test-field. This is an absolute must as the F20 collects more dirt and mud than any of its competitors — the closed platform structure is mainly responsible for this.


High-quality craftsmanship, finest machining, superb looks and tons of grip combined with excellent bearings and the best-quality seals in the entire test field. This time around the Hope F20 jumps right ahead of the competition. And if this wasn’t enough the F20 features many well-thought-out details: one of them is the socket of the pins which is placed on the inside of the pedal and allows you to replace the pins even if they’re badly damaged. This makes the Hope F20 an (almost) eternal trail-companion. Our undisputed “Best in Test”!

Allen: 8 mm
Weight: 359 g
Price: € 155

Platform size: 110 x 102 x 15 mm (L x W x H)
Number of pins per side: 10