Best value: Nukeproof Horizon Pro

In 2017 the Nukeproof Horizon Pro won the EWS under Sam Hill’s feet. And in our test, it got pretty close to a victory too! Straight out of the box the Horizon Pro strikes with a superb high-quality look and clever details such as the 6 double-sided pins which allow you to adjust the grip of the pedal and the four pins on the outer and inner edges which are designed to provide additional traction. The axle combines two bushings with four sealed cartridge bearings to assure a long service life and unparalleled performance. The box contains just the two pedals and nothing more — not even a single replacement pin! The axle seals leave a lot to be desired and came off right after unpacking in our case.

Straight away it was clear that the traction of the Nukeproof Horizon Pro is second to none — anyone could win the Enduro World Series on these… well, let’s say everyone can have a little bit of world-class grip. No matter how hard you hit the trail or how big you go on the dirt-jumps the Nukeproof just keeps your shoes on the pedals. But be careful if you get too excited the pedal doesn’t really care whether it’s biting into your shoe or into your shin. Unfortunately, the two pins on the outer edge are grub screws and are placed in the most dangerous place. Once they break-off things can get tricky — especially in the workshop.


The Nukeproof Horizon Pro offers the best amount of grip in our test and a set of outstanding axle bearings. For a fair price of € 105 you’ll buy a top pedal with only slight drawbacks – the Horizon Pro bags our coveted ENDURO “Best Value Tip”!

Allen: 8 mm
Weight: 420 g
Price: € 105

Platform size: 100 x 100 x 17 mm (L x W x H)
Number of pins per side: 10