With a price tag of € 74.95, the ACROS A-FLAT MD is the cheapest pedal in our test. It comes with many clever features that you would normally expect to see on pedals in a higher price range. The threads of the pins, for example, are coated with lock tight: this prevents the eight pins from loosening while riding. In addition, the ACROS A-FLAT MD features an extra-long bushing and stainless ball-bearings which improve the longevity of the pedal. The axle features a double-seal which prevents dirt from reaching the bearings. Should these still be getting dirty after a while you can remove the red screw-top on the outer edge of the pedal and remove the nut inside the axle with either an 8 mm socket wrench or a 6 mm Allen key to service and re-grease the bearings.

Inside the box, you’ll find a number of washers to change the pin-height. In our opinion, these are superfluous for everyday trail-scenarios as the pins are on the short side even without the additional washers. Unfortunately there aren’t any spare pins in the box — a pity because we managed to bend and even break a few pins during our test. And anyway changing them is a bit of a mission: the four inner pins are grub screws and are therefore pretty hard to remove once they’re worn out. The footprint of the A-FLAT MD offers enough space for shoe sizes up to 44 and if you have bigger feet you can opt for the A-FLAT XL-version. The A-FLAT MD offers sufficient grip on smooth forest paths and flowy trails but once the trail gets rough the ACROS could do with more (and longer) pins. In rowdier scenarios, the Acros has to give way to its competitors from DMR or Nukeproof.


As far as grip goes the ACROS A-FLAT MD stands in the upper-middle field. Features such as the loctite coating on the pin-threads and the industrial ball bearings are top class. The bottom line is that for € 75 you’ll get a really reliable pedal which performs incredibly well on any trail bike!

Allen: 8 mm
Weight: 353 g
Price: € 74.95

Platform size: 100 x 98 x 18 mm (L x W x H)
Number of pins per side: 8