OneUp Components Aluminum Pedals

Huge bearings, a big, super-flat platform and loads of long slim pins: The OneUp Aluminum looks like no other. A total of 4 sealed ball bearings enclose the axle and should guarantee the longest possible service life. If you want to access the bearings you just need a cassette-removal nut. The extra-long thin pins are designed to offer optimal traction and the super-thin platform improves ground clearance. Thanks to the super-thin platform the OneUp Aluminum Pedals weigh just 368 g — its dimensions are 115 x 105 x 8.3 mm.

Once you stand on the pedals with your shoes you realise what the long pins are for: drilling! The pins provide tons of grip on the trail and the closely aligned rear-edge pins won’t stir into the rubber of your sole. At some point however you’ll inevitably land with the shoe on the exposed inboard bearing. This doesn’t happen very often but when it does it’s really irritating as you lose grip and stability. Apart from this, the pedal provides good traction on rocky trails and thanks to the open design of the platform even muddy trail conditions won’t stop you from enjoying your ride.


The OneUp Aluminum is an extravagant flat pedal that combines superb grip with a super-thin platform. The bearings still perform incredibly well after lots of abuse. However, the bulky inboard bearing can be really annoying!

Allen: 8 mm
Weight: 368 g
Price: $ 125

Platform size: 115 x 105 x 8,3 mm (L x B x H)
Number of pins per side: 10