With 9 pins and 100 x 100 x 12 mm platform the SPANK OOZY TRAIL weighs 365 g and places right in the middle of our test-field. The pedal owes its striking industrial look to the elegant sharp-edged machining-work — which can sometimes look like a mistake. Around the axis sit a ball-bearing and an Igus glide-bearing. There are a total of 9 pins per pedal — 6 long slim ones and 3 shorter pins which require a small socket wrench for installation. The other 6 pins require a 3 mm Allen key. Both tools, two spare pins and two crank spacers are included in the box.

On the trail the SPANK OOZY TRAIL pedals only offer a mediocre amount of grip — the 3 small pins don’t provide any traction and are therefore only marginally functional. Unfortunately, the six long pins cause trouble too: they are too slim and too spread out. As a result, the pins can’t dig their way into the sole and tend to slip off the shoe. Thanks to the open platform design and the thin bars on which the pins attach the body of the OOZY TRAIL sheds mud incredibly well. Also, the axle can be removed easily whenever you want to service the bearings.


The SPANK OOZY TRAIL impressed our test crew with its flat platform, large openings and easy maintenance. Unfortunately, the grip can’t stand up to the competition.

Allen: 8 mm
Weight: 365 g
Price: € 135

Platform size: 100 x 100 x 12 mm (L x W x H)
Number of pins per side: 9

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