The best MTB mini pump you can buy

Best in test: Crankbrothers Sterling L Review


The Crankbrothers Sterling L looks great and you can feel the quality in your hand. Not only is it comfortable to use, it also has the additional feature of a button on the back that lets you switch between a high volume or a high pressure mode. In the high volume mode, it took 190 strokes to get to 2 bar. Conclusion: fairly labour-intensive but efficient. The high pressure mode takes you beyond 7 bar, which makes this Crankbrothers model particularly interesting if you’re a closet roadie.

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Unfortunately this gem doesn’t have a flexible hose attachment but it still sits securely on the value and even an idiot could use it with ease. In short: the Crankbrothers Sterling L offers the best overall package, the highest efficiency and first-rate construction.

Price: € 39.99
Weight: 144 g
Strokes to reach 2.0 bar: 190
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