The best MTB mini pump you can buy

Runner-up: Lezyne Alloy Drive Review


Flaunting pretty exemplary production, the Leyzne Alloy Drive is primarily made of aluminium (as you might guess from the name), and it has a protective rubber cap at the end. There’s a flexible hose attachment, which makes it super simple to attach the pump to the valve and features a button for deflation – although given the lack of a pressure gauge its purpose is questionable. In terms of its aesthetics, it’s got a super sharp-looking anodized finish!

minipumpen-shootout-lezyne-alloy-drive-8 minipumpen-shootout-lezyne-alloy-drive-5

Coming in blue/silver, red/silver, gold/silver and black/silver, the Alloy Drive boasts a similar stroke performance to the test winner, which makes it a really decent alternative. Technically very similar, it mainly comes down to personal taste.

Price: € 35.95
Weight: 132 g
Strokes to reach 2.0 bar: 185
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