Specialized Deflect H20

Clothing may not be the first thing you think about when you consider Specialized, but they have some killer options. The Deflect H20 jacket is their go-to mountain jacket, light enough to stash away when not needed, but with enough protection for a solid day in the wet. The Deflect H20 features Specialized’s own Deflect 3-Layer woven fabric. The jacket also has taped seams, velcro closures, two generous zippered pockets on the side and one on the chest for a phone, finished off with an over-the-helmet hood. We loved the high collar for maximum protection against the wind and driving rain, with plenty of room for helmet straps to fit inside.

The jacket is super minimalist and packs down really well, and all testers liked the balanced ride/casual fit of the jacket which leaves plenty of room for layers, or for chilling at the cafe. On longer rides in proper weather, we did start to get a little water ingress around the shoulders, but the Deflect H20 held up really well on fast after work rides.

With a very relaxed fit, the Specialized Deflect makes a great casual jacket, or leaves space for ample winter layers. It’s a little loose fitting in the summer but the impressive pack size and relaxed style was impressive.

Weight: 330 g
Price: € 199.90