Sweet Protection Hunter DryZeal Jacket

The first thing that strikes you with the Hunter DryZeal Jacket is the tiny packsize. This 210 g jacket rolls up to almost an inner-tube sized package. That packability comes at a cost though and the m2 fabric is only rated to 10,000mm / 10,000 g/m2 so is best considered as an emergency jacket if the weather gets nasty, rather than a full-on mountain jacket – especially as it has no hood. For a ‘chuck in the pack’ jacket it’s great. Twin zippered vents and pockets on the front for essentials, reflective logo tape, and a minimalist design pares it back to just what you need to get home in a downpour. On the bike the fit is not too baggy and there is plenty of length in the arms for a dynamic riding style.

The fabric is quite soft and not too noisy as you ride and the featherweight construction means you don’t notice you’re wearing it. Ventilation is great with the large forward facing vents, but the fabric and lack of hood let water in on long rides in the rain. However, with it’s amazing pack size, the Hunter DryZeal is a great option to have in your pack for year-round riding, and it’s not too heavy for summer rides too.

The Sweet Protection Hunter DryZeal is a great buy for someone who wants an emergency ‘stash’ jacket. If you want to head out into a storm, a more waterproof fabric with a hood would be preferable.

Weight: 210 g
Price: € 199.00


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