Fox Attack Pro Water Jacket

The Fox Attack Pro Fire jacket is made from 100% seam-sealed, three-layer TruSeal fabric with a 15,000 mm waterproof rating and impressive 25,000 g/m2 breathability. Under the back panel a punched panel allows ventilation, and the chest pockets have vents inside so you can pop them open for maximum airflow. Fox have kept true to their rowdy roots, with reinforced Cordura elbow panels for the inevitable scuffs and crashes. On the bike, the sleeves have plenty of length, and the cuffs cinch down well to keep the mud out. After a couple of hours in the rain we were still dry inside, and the fit is great with lots of stretch.

The lack of a hood is an advantage for short rides and full-face users, but would stop us grabbing this jacket for a full day in the mountains. The only thing that polarised testers was the asymmetric zip, some loving the distinctive look, others thinking it looks like a ‘friday-afternoon’ special – either way you will have to get used to being asked about it.

The Fox Attack Pro Water jacket is the perfect choice for a hard-riding rider looking for a jacket for fast and loose winter shredding. It’s designed for sessioning filthy jumps on home trails rather than clinging to the side of a frozen mountain, and all the better for it.

Weight: 380 g
Price: € 229.95