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Based on the motto “More protection, less ballast,“ the Bliss LD Day Top is a minimalist alternative to the classic bike rucksack. The protection specialists from Oberfranken have done this by combining a spine protector made of impact-absorbing Armourgel with the practicality of four small side pockets providing enough space for your phone, a multi-tool, or the supplied elastic 250ml ‘soft flask.’
Specially designed stretch material ensures a secure hold even with heavy items whilst still offering high comfort. The Bliss LD Day Top can therefore replace a rucksack in many situations yet still improve safety thanks to the built-in back protector. Less weight, more comfort and better safety – what more could you ask for?

Bliss LD Day Top- (1 von 1)

Price: 149.90 € | Weight: 579 g

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