For quite some time now, there has existed an entertaining bike-game for Android and iOS. Perfect for the lonely winter days of the off-season:


“CG” stands for the downhill-icon Cedric Gracia, who has successfully specialized the game with his “crazy Frenchman”-character. The rules of the game are easy to explain: 1,80 €

Tilt your smartphone to navigate Cedric through a tricky downhill course. Besides the common obstacles, you need to overcome cows, wheelchair users, yetis, groupies willing to procreate (CG is obviously the master of drive-by-mating – try it!) as well as grannies with rolling pins (the groupies’ mothers?). You can crash this seemingly resilient Frenchman three times. After that, it will be ‘game over’ and you will receive a short video message from Cedric with a personalized, usually bitchy comment depending on your success. 1,80 €
CG Dirt Devil on iTunes – 1,99$

By the way, there is a high score as well. The Enduro team managed to make it to the 2196 meter mark – who can do better?

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