Tired of long faces at the Christmas tree? If you really want to make your loved ones happy, check out our Christmas special. We’ve selected 15 products that are guaranteed to put a smile on any rider’s face.

If you’re looking for the ultimate gift for your bike-crazy partner, parents or best friends (or you just want to get a present for yourself), you will definitely find a few ideas in our hand-picked selection.

Thömus Oberrider 29 Pro

A new bike under the Christmas tree might have been brilliant as a child, but it’s even better when you’re an adult. For the Oberrider 29 Pro, the people behind Thömus reached for the top drawer, leaving nothing to be desired this Christmas. With the online configurator, the capable enduro bike can be tailored to your own preferences or the preferences of your loved ones. For example, you have a selection of forks offering travel ranging from 150 mm to a full 180 mm at the front of the stylish full carbon bike. There are hardly any limits to your desired configuration when it comes to wheels, groupsets, tires, brakes and much more. Once you’ve ordered your dream build, you’ll be able to adjust the geometry of the bike under the Christmas tree using the flip-chip, allowing you to fine-tune the handling for your next ride. The Thömus Oberrider Pro is available in three frame sizes, four colours and around three billion build configurations.

from CHF 3,690.00
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Schwalbe Aerothan

How about not only giving presents to your loved ones this Christmas but also doing something good for our environment. Schwalbe’s new Aerothan bicycle tubes are here to replace your old rubber and latex tubes, made from a 100% recyclable thermoplastic polyurethane. The new wonder material also sets the bar in terms of weight, rolling resistance and puncture protection. Aerothan tubes are around 40% lighter than Schwalbe Extralight tubes while also generating less rolling resistance. Despite the ultra-light material they’re made of, they offer improved puncture protection compared to conventional tubes, proving to be on par with tubeless systems in some of Schwalbe’s tests. The Aerothan tubes are available for mountain bikes with 27.5″ and 29″ wheels in a special MTB version and in a MTB+ version for high-volume tires.

€ 27.90 (MTB Tube) € 29.90 (MTB+ Tube)
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Manitou Mezzer

Things didn’t go as planned for you this year? With the Manitou Mezzer under the Christmas tree, you’ll forget all about that. With its 37 mm stanchions and reverse arch design, it combines minimal weight with maximum stiffness. Anyone who opts for the 180 mm travel Manitou Mezzer will be ready for everything the roughest trails in the world have in store for them in the coming season. The air spring technology has been borrowed from Manitou’s proven upside-down fork and promises to provide maximum control. The Manitou Mezzer is available with travel ranging from 140–180 mm for both 27.5″ and 29″ wheels with various offset lengths and it looks just as good under the Christmas tree as it does on the front of your bike.

€ 1,099.00
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Supernova M99 MINI PRO B54

How do you outshine everyone else’s presents at Christmas and put a glow in the eyes of the recipient? Easy: give the gift of light! Supernova don’t just offer a small light, but a sophisticated lighting concept of the highest quality. Equipped with a 54 Wh battery, the M99 MINI PRO B54 is the world’s brightest StVZO-approved, battery-operated headlight with a low and high beam function. It takes just 2.5 hours to charge the battery and provides up to 50 hours of maximum run time. The Supernova app allows you to control the light very easily while also displaying the remaining run time to the minute. With this, every rider will turn into an enthusiastic night rider. Moreover, if the ride turns out to be longer than planned once again, the reserve ECO low beam lasts for up to 2 hours after the charge status is empty, bringing you home safely.

€ 525.00
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Tocsen helmet sensor in pink

Unfortunately, there are a lot of pointless Christmas presents. The Tocsen crash sensor for your helmet definitely isn’t one of them! With this gift, you can really show that you care about your loved ones. The small Tocsen sensor can be stuck to any helmet and automatically sends out an emergency call in the event of a crash. In doing so, it transmits your location to selected emergency contacts via the corresponding app and, if desired, to all Tocsen users in the vicinity. The sensor is rechargeable and, thanks to the latest low energy Bluetooth technology, promises up to three months of battery life with normal use. This added safety can save lives.

RRP € 77.90
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OneUp Components EDC Lite Multi-Tool

When you grow up, you start realising that it’s not the size of a gift that matters. The content is a lot more important! This much was clear to the creative people at OneUp Components when they designed the EDC Lite Multi-Tool. The latest mini version of their handy multi-tool offers nine functions as the designers at OneUp were able to fit seven Allen keys from 2 to 8 mm as well as a Torx T25 and a flat head screwdriver into the tool. The ingenious thing about it is that it offers the convenience of being stowed inside most steerer tubes without requiring you to cut a thread in the steerer tube or do any major modifications. That way, you always have it with you and you won’t easily lose it. If you want to give your inner child some room to play, the head tube sleeve required for the multitool is available in six other colours besides black.

€ 40.00
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Hayes Dominion A4

Christmas time is a time of contemplation when you can slow down and go through everyday life without being as rushed. What could be better for this than Hayes’ Dominion A4 brakes? With their powerful four-piston callipers and very defined bite point, they’ll have you stop faster than you can blow out the candles on the Christmas tree. The optimised rotor design prevents vibrations and ensures that you don’t disturb the entire neighbourhood with squeaking brakes during the tranquil Christmas season. With their dual-port bleed system, bleeding the brake is as easy as unwrapping presents and all air is thoroughly removed from the system. The Hayes Dominion A4 brakes are available with both regular and ergonomically adapted levers for smaller hands, making them the perfect Christmas present for young and old.

€ 235 brake / € 51 rotor
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SQlab 6OX Infinergy ERGOWAVE active

If it’s as difficult for you to sit relaxed on your bike as it is for children at the table just before they’re allowed to open their presents, you should perhaps look around for a new saddle this Christmas. The 6OX Infinergy ERGOWAVE active from SQlab is made of BASF’s so-called Infinergy material, which is already being used in running shoes. Made in Germany, the high-tech material is the comfort miracle of Christmas thanks to its ability to return to its original shape very quickly. You can try it yourself since the particularly robust material is only covered where absolutely necessary. As is typical for SQlab, the 6OX Infinergy ERGOWAVE active saddle is available in four different widths and is supplied with three different strength elastomers, allowing you to adjust the lateral movement to suit your needs. SQlab’s distinct stepped saddle shape, which is claimed to ensure optimal pressure distribution on the sit bones, has also found its way to the 6OX Infinergy ERGOWAVE active.

€ 199.95
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Lazer Impala

Christmas is the festival of love, and what better gift can you give your loved ones than a helmet for the best hobby in the world? The Lazer Impala is an excellent all-rounder designed as a lightweight trail helmet. It combines good ventilation, design, safety and lots of adjustability in one attractive package. The added protection around the temples and back of the head is crucial and the Impala also scores for the extra ventilation at the front. The visor is adjustable, allowing you to easily “park” your goggles underneath it. Of course, you also get a Velcro-fastened bracket for an action cam. The Lazer Impala weighs 295 g and comes in three sizes and seven different colours, so you should find a suitable model for every family member.

€ 129.95
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Mac Ride child seat for everyday riding

The greatest gift that you can give your child and yourself is time spent together on an adventure. With the Mac Ride child seat, you can have your child seated safely and securely in front of you. The youngsters can learn to steer and it allows them to feel like they’re riding the trail themselves. That way, they’re guaranteed to stop whining! Mac Ride offer an optional extra-wide e-bike adapter for the e-bikers among us. The child seat can be removed in less than a minute and easily transferred to another bike, and there is a second adapter included. Now, all you have to do is decide who will be allowed to take the kids for a ride first.

€ 204 | 239 USD
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MET Parachute MCR

Are you looking for the ideal 2-in-1 helmet solution for an enduro rider where you can be sure that the chin guard is locked in place? Then the MET Parachute MCR 330 with its easily removable chin guard and downhill certification is just the thing. The MET Parachute MCR 330 was designed for the demands of enduro, all-mountain and especially eMTB riders. It can be used as an open-face helmet with an aggressive look and the adjustable visor is compatible with glasses and goggles. Before you head downhill, the helmet can be transformed into a full-fledged full-face helmet in no time thanks to a clever magnetic lock for the removable chin bar, developed in cooperation with Fidlock. It is available in three different sizes and comes with two sets of pads of different thicknesses. In addition to a matt black version, the helmet is available in six other colour combinations to match your bike or your Christmas decoration.

€ 330.00
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Kids Ride Shotgun

Looking for the perfect gift for a mountain bike crazy family with children between the ages of 2 and 5? Bingo! We’ve got exactly what you’re looking for. With the Kids Ride Shotgun you can mount a child seat on the front of your MTB, letting the child become the captain and lead the charge. Your children will learn to love riding early on and there’s no better way to spend time together, pursuing the best hobby in the world. The seat is also compatible with carbon frames. Its width and angle are suitable for all mountain bikes and the seat is easy to mount and dismount using a quick-release coupling. However, it doesn’t fit on all eMTBs. Caution: we can’t promise that you’ll get your kids off the bike!

€ 155 / £ 120 / USD 150
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Dirtlej Dirtsuit Core Edition

Mawsynram in India is officially the wettest place in the world, with an impressive annual rainfall of 11,872 mm/m². We don’t know if they have any good trails, but if we were to go biking there, we would definitely pack a one-piece suit from the Dirtlej Core Edition. The new Dirtsuit Core Edition is light, weatherproof and we think it’s 100% great. The 18,000 mm hydrostatic head keeps the rain out and thanks to the one-piece construction, you will never find yourself with dirt in your underpants. It’s breathable up to 13,000 g/m2 and equipped with six huge ventilation ports so that you won’t feel like you’re riding in a portable sauna either. Oh, and it’s machine washable too. From wet runs in the bike park to extensive mountain adventures, the Dirtlej Core can do everything and is the perfect Christmas present for anyone who doesn’t fear bad weather.

€ 319.00
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Get your loved ones addicted to eMTBs! Our E-MOUNTAINBIKE print edition is the perfect gateway drug into a sport that is guaranteed to change lives. Over 250 pages of the finest reading material full of reviews, useful information and practical tips make this magazine the ultimate review bible. Having hit the shelves in April of this year, the latest print edition offers a timeless mix of content, making it easier for countless eMTB newbies to get started. Combined with the elaborately produced format, the print edition is a must-have for every eMTBer – and those who want to become one.

€ 15.00
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Fruit, nuts and chocolate are all things that you wouldn’t want to miss this Christmas. We recommend resorting ENERVIT bars and cookies as a healthy alternative to the snacks under the Christmas tree. The PROTEIN DEAL bars offer the perfect source of protein for a healthy day, they are low in sugar, gluten-free, free of palm oil and the perfect snack for a long day on the bike. The NATURE DEAL series is available as bars and – in keeping with the Christmas spirit – as cookies. With three delicious flavours such as Walnut & Cocoa Desire, Sweet & Salty Almond Love, and Chia & Lemon, they present a serious threat to the regular cookie jar. They’re the perfect gift for anyone who does a lot travelling and is looking for a healthy and tasty snack alternative.

€ 2.10
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We wish you a merry Christmas and hope that our Christmas Buyer’s Guide has given you a few good ideas. If you want, why not write your own wishlist and gift yourself this festive season.

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