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The mission of the Design & Innovation Award is to shape the bicycle world in a positive way. It also serves as a forum for creativity, visionary ideas as well as the industry’s most innovative products. More than 40 experts from 10 countries joined this year’s event to test, analyze and judge the best and most innovative products of 2016 in Kronplatz/San Vigilio – Dolomites. The Gold Award recognises either perfect product design and function, or innovation that sets a new standard and inspires future product generations and forward-thinking approaches.


Scott have always been pioneers, pushing the boundaries of new technology and attempting to redefine the rule book. It’s perhaps no surprise that they were also a driving force behind the new plus-size tire technology. We have found that plus-size tires are not the magic bullet that they were first marketed as, but do mark a very real and attractive choice for many riders. The plus tyre brings a level of control and confidence that has never been experienced before, allowing a normal rider to go faster in more control over rough terrain. Until now, tire choice has been the bottleneck that has halted the growth of plus-size bikes in the mainstream, but this is improving rapidly and now benefits can be observed on increasingly diverse terrain.


One bike that brings plus technology together perfectly is the 160 mm Genius LT 700 Tuned Plus. Its Twin Loc technology allows fork and shock to be adjusted simultaneously to suit the trails, but it’s the harmonious integration of the 2.80” tires into a perfect package with amazing overall performance that make this bike stand out from the rest. Despite its svelte 12.7 kg weight, the Genius LT 700 Plus simply charges through rough terrain with ease, serving up bags of traction from the monster-truck rubber. Climbing, cornering, and technical terrain are handled with complete authority, and the LT 700 is sublimely balanced. From the very beginning, Scott have been the catalyst behind the plus-size tire movement, and their experience and passion shines bright in the LT 700.

Price: €7999 | Weight: 12.70kg |

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