Design & Innovation Award 2021 – The most exciting MTB-trends

Cycling is booming. Never before has the demand for new products been as high as it is now and the sector is responding with new and better products. Whether it’s about improving performance, bidding farewell to bike categories or the eternal question of mountain bike vs. eMTB, we tell you about the most exciting mountain bike trends of 2021 in the trend-article of the Design & Innovation Awards 2021.

Cross country and downhill racing mark either end of the extremes of mountain biking and couldn’t be more different. Cross country is all about maximum propulsion, ultra-light bikes and high efficiency. Downhill bikes are only ridden downhill and are purpose-built for the hardest tracks in the world. Between these two extremes is the massive trail and enduro segment, which isn’t just experiencing huge growth but is also increasingly forming its own set of niches. Bikes are becoming more specialised and classic reference points like travel, wheel size or weight have outlived their use. At this point, there are super capable bikes with just 120 mm travel that can turn their hand to super hard trails, as well as 170 mm models that climb very efficiently. The lines between different types of bike are becoming blurred. That gives customers more choice but also results in an increased need for clarity and guidance. Authentic tests, clear communication and the opportunity to test bikes before buying them will gain even more relevance.

Find the most important MTB-trends 2021, mixed up with exciting backgroundinformation and all the winners of this years Design & Innovation Award, here:

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