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Presenting the new DT Swiss 1900 Spline wheeleset

Not only did DT Swiss recently introduce their new F 535 ONE fork but also updated their affordable 1900 spline wheelset. We are going to tell you what to expect if you decide to enter the DT world.

The DT Swiss 1900 Spline wheelset is a popular choice for many off-the shelf bikes and a brilliant, affordable retrofit option

The biggest innovation on the updated version of the 1900 wheels is the actual rim. From now on even the cheaper DT Swiss wheelset features the same sleeved rims as the more expensive 1700 series. The freewheel still relies on a classic 3-pawl system — if you’re after the DT Swiss Ratchet System you’ll have to reach for the more expensive models. In true DT Swiss-fashion the freewheel and end caps can be easily interchanged.

DT Swiss M 1900 Spline

The M 1900 wheel series was originally designed for trail bikes but are frequently seen on long-travel bikes. There are three widths to choose from and the price for the wheelset is € 347.

M 1900 25 30 35
Weight 27.5″ 1,798 g 1,908 g 1,978 g
Weight 29″ 1,887 g 2,006 g

DT Swiss E 1900 Spline

The E 1900 Enduro version features a sturdier rim and comes exclusively with a 30 mm inner width. The 27.5″ wheelset weighs in at 1,998 g whilst the 29” wheelset puts 2,096 g on the scale – and both come at the fair price of € 367.

The hubs have been thoroughly revised and now have a slightly wider flange
On the inside of the hub sits a reliable DT Swiss 3-pawl freehub system with a 15° locking angle

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Words: Photos: Valentin Rühl