For me personally the Dudes of Hazzard / No Fuss ‘This is enduro now‘ was the highlight event of 2012! Symbolizing everything that enduro should be, great tracks, great banter and amazing racing in one of the most beautiful parts of Scotland, the event was “well gid”!   Once again the Dudes are teaming up with events maestros No Fuss to put on another great event on the weekend of November 16th/17th, the perfectly named ‘Spirit of Enduro World Champs 2013’.  Enduro magazine will be there, you should be too!  Joe Barnes tells us more!


“Hi Everyone

Get ready for the Annual “The Dudes of Hazzard” Enduro to be held in Kinlochleven this November the 16th/17th. Building on the success of last years “This is Enduro Now” race the boys have been hard at work to make the 2013 edition one for the record books.

What is “The Spirit of Enduro World Champs 2013”?

If you are new to the sport of Enduro then basically it will be stage racing where you pedal up the hills at a leisurely pace that is non timed, and then race down the hills under timed conditions. All the downhill stage times are then added up to give you your final time for the days racing.

For the Dudes Enduro other aspects of your biking and sportsman skills will be tested to prove who really captures the essence of a day out on the bikes. Culminating as the “Spirit of Enduro World Champion”.


Where will it be?

Kinlochleven is just north of Glen Coe and just south of Fort William, nestled tightly in the mountains. Beside the sea, there is a nice moist air that remains mild for most of the winter providing a perfect location for winter enduro racing. The ground consists of granite rock that although is loose to move on is very grippy in all conditions.

There is a Co-op shop in the town for the essentials and plenty of accommodation to be found while searching the googles.


Saturday Night Party?

Cut Media (formerly MTBcut) will be hosting the Saturday night party in Kinlochleven. With a showcase of the best films about and some juice and tunes to chat over the days events.

How to Enter?

Go onto the No Fuss Events website,  and click on Enter Event..

We hope to see you there for some good times on the bikes this November…


No Fuss Events and The Dudes of Hazzard…

p.s. Do you want to capture the spirit of enduro?

Check out the theme tune video below, if you have not already seen it!!   Disclaimer- The boys have had a hard season so watch at your own risk. Slightly out of range but you get the idea.

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