For you, mountain biking is the ideal way to counter the stress of work. As a connoisseur, you take the time to let the scenic and culinary impressions of the most beautiful tours sink in, always enjoying the moment. You prefer riding in the best of company and always look forward to exploring new regions together.

Whether it’s an outing to the nature reserve, a mountain bike tour through the Black Forest or an expedition along the Via Claudia Augusta across the Alps, you like long but relaxed rides where you can let your mind wander. Instead of the adrenaline rush of hair-raising manoeuvres, you’re all about shared experiences with your friends on the mountain. Most of the time, you can be found on your home tour trails in the local woods, which you meander through on forest and meadow paths. You have just as much fun taking a detour on easy, mostly flat trails as you do on a scenic ride along designated, occasionally paved, bike routes.

For your adventures, your bike should be comfortable and efficient, allowing you to ride briskly without any pain. It’s particularly important to you that the riding position is balanced, with your weight evenly distributed between your seat and hands, offering the necessary long-distance comfort whether you’re riding a hardtail or full-suspension bike. When your route doesn’t go according to plan, your bike will provide you with sufficient traction and, above all, composed handling so you can stay in control through tricky sections on unknown trails, even without the perfect riding technique. In an emergency, powerful brakes will safely bring you to a halt, no matter how long or steep the descent, so that YOU can decide when you want to stop. You leave sticky energy gels to the boys and girls in Lycra, because you prefer to take the time for a picnic break at the summit, or lunch at a restaurant. Your bike shouldn’t have any problems carrying at least one large water bottle and possibly a pannier, because it’s more comfortable to travel without a heavy backpack. You also want to carry as few spares and tools as possible. As such, the reliability and durability of your bike is more important to you than weight savings with super-light components.

Our recommendations for easy riders

How do you find cool new routes, especially if you’re new to the area, and what’s the best tool for bike navigation? The answer to these and many more questions is called Komoot. The app can do much more than just show you the way and we put it to the test here. You can find out what to look for in a bike computer and which GPS device is the best in our sister magazine E-MOUNTAINBIKE. Although some features only make sense on eMTBs, you will find lots of useful tips and tricks in the group test.

Have you always wanted to explore the world on your bike over several days? Then our bikepacking crash course is just what you need. In it, you can find out how the boys and girls from GRAN FONDO attach their luggage to their bikes, how and where to sleep outdoors and how to find the best huts.

Don’t want to strain yourself too much but still want to ride far into the wilderness, or arrive at your destination without breaking a sweat? Fortunately, the latest eMTBs have enough range to do all-day or even multi-day rides on a single charge. Our colleagues at E-MOUNTAINBIKE will tell you whether you’re better off riding a hardtail or a full-suspension eMTB for the same amount of money. In an exciting group test, they also find out which is the best eMTB for touring.

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Did you ever consider a gravel bike?

In addition to mountain bikes, gravel bikes can also be suitable for long tours and bikepacking. At Bei GRAN FONDO, you will find a few exciting bikes that could be just right for you.

How about an eMTB?

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