Issue #031

Editorial Issue #31 – Times are changing!

The only constant is change. We’re not only talking about the changing of the seasons but also the evolution of the bike industry. Whereas weather patterns are circular, bikes continually evolve and improve!

Of course, I could write something about e-mountain bikes and how they’re changing the mountain bike scene. But let’s be honest: anyone who has ever ridden one doesn’t need me to explain how amazing they are and who they’re for, and that’s not what this is about anyway. Enduro is about having fun on the trail, about having a good time with friends and of course it’s about the adventure. If you’re getting your kicks on an e-mountain bike, great! But in our opinion, they will never replace classic trail bikes.

Instead of complaining about the evolution of the industry, out time is better spent enjoying how capable the bikes have become and the trails they’ve opened up for riders of every skill level. The progress of recent years becomes obvious just by looking at the changing style of riders. While cyclists used to torture themselves up trails wearing Lycra, and you could see in their eyes how they were dreading the upcoming descent, modern trail riders have become much more casual and relaxed. This is mainly due to the constant evolution of bikes: riding today no longer means having sore back muscles and aching wrists, but above all, it has become about one thing: having fun!

We compared six high-end trail bikes to see which was the most fun. Among them are old acquaintances like the Specialized Stumpjumper or the Trek Fuel EX, but also newcomers like the completely redesigned SCOTT Genius or the NICOLAI G13. The latter relies on extremely long and slack geometry, which, so far, is unique amongst trail bikes. Will this concept prevail and which bike comes out on top? You will have to read on to find out.

Sometimes detracting from the fun, however, is winter: the trails in much of Europe are either muddy, icy or covered in snow. If you can afford it, flee to the south! For everyone else, we’ve got a few handy tips in this issue to help you make the most of cold, wet days on the trail.

Those who don’t let winter keep them indoors, finding the motivation to get on their bike regardless will be rewarded with a big grin, a brain flooded with endorphins, and also a very muddy bike. To save the inside of your car, we have been testing five of the best mobile bike washers. Which is the best model for the job? Our comparison will reveal.

So get out of the comfort zone that is your couch! Snow, mud and cold aren’t real excuses! Make the most of it, have fun, enjoy the challenge and then enjoy some downtime with the people who mean the most to you. The more fun you have in the next few weeks, the quicker winter will pass, because, as is nowhere more evident in the changing of the seasons, times change.

Have fun reading!



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