Issue #033

Editorial Issue #033 – Smoking hot!

When was the last time you got lost? It’s actually become impossible since, after all, even our smartphone knows where we are. But how do you orientate yourself outside of the urban jungle? What or who will help you find the right bike, new accessories or cool new components?

There’s no need for long faces while looking for a bike! All you need is orientation!

Be honest: Will a score out of 10 based on a complex rating system really help you in your search for a new bike? Not us! In our group test, comparing seven hot new trail bikes costing less than € 3,000, we give honest answers as to which bike is best suited to which rider, and what their individual strengths and weaknesses are.

For two days, the air in Hope’s laboratory in England was thick with the smell of burnt metal. My colleague Trevor was on a visit, and he brought 19 disc brakes as close as they’ll ever get to their melting point. Among other things, he found that the brake pad material is more important than the theoretical maximum power of the brake, as well as how much the performance of a brake depends on the size of its rotors. We found this much more exciting than the bare laboratory test results. If we awarded a winner based solely on lab results, there would be one clear victor. But the reality on the trail is different from the controlled environment of the lab, and power is useless without control. Read on to find out more about the insights we gleaned!

It’s not only brakes that can slow you down though; many riders often get in their own way. A good example is the never-ending debate about bike weight. In this issue, we ask once more: “is lighter really better?” You’ve probably already guessed the answer, but we try to put an end to the discussion.

For all our tests and theories, we shouldn’t lose sight of what it’s really all about: having fun! That’s why we’ve put together our best tips to help you get the most out of this season. We were in Paganella and checked out some great new flow trails, and we’ll also give you useful tips for an adventure in the Scottish mountains.

That and much more awaits, so enjoy reading!


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