Apple and ENDURO have joined forces to start an initiative for quality journalism: A cooperation that benefits readers, ENDURO and Apple alike. From now on the most innovative Mountainbike Magazine comes preinstalled on selected iPads and iPhones.

This was a prank for April fools 2016.

Bester Content präsentiert in schicker Verpackung – die neue Kooperation macht es möglich.
The best content presented in a stylish package – this exciting new collaboration makes it possible.

Robin Schmitt, Founder of ENDURO Mountainbike Magazine, speaks of a milestone for bike-media and Christoph Bayer, Chief Editor of ENDURO, calls it a game changer in journalism: ENDURO and Apple have partnered up to offer iOS devices with the entire magazine archive preinstalled.

The high quality content of ENDURO magazine begs to be presented beautifully, this has been the focus and aim of Robin and the ENDURO team since it was founded three years ago. In an industry that is becoming more complex, with the constant introduction of new technologies, wheel sizes and cycling disciplines, it is important to focus on the presentation and usability for the readers. “We are very proud to finally offer iPads and iPhones for sale, that come with our magazine app pre-installed and all issues already downloaded”, Schmitt explains.

Great service: The magazine app comes pre-installed.
Great service: The magazine app comes pre-installed.

The ENDURO online shop will offer a range of new iPad Pros and the iPhone 6S that come with the pre-installed ENDURO app. “We are happy that we can offer this service to our readers free of charge”, Schmitt enthuses.

It’s not only ENDURO that benefits from this new cooperation, Apple itself has reaped the rewards. The technology giant’s share price increased by several percent after the announcement. “ENDURO and Apple address the exact same target group: good-looking athletes with a penchant for perfection and that value aesthetics and high standards” the Apple spokesman announced. “Anyone who is still reading printed magazines in this day and age are not only harming the environment, but also declaring themselves as someone who lives in the past”

The new devices will be available soon in the online shop. In the meantime, send us an e-mail to to secure yourself a shiny new iPad Pro for a preferential price of € 689.

ENDURO on your wrist!


“Mobile first” has become a buzzword in the media industry, but it has become outdated already. With the lengthy meetings that are being held in most big corporations, employees don’t have enough time to consume important ENDURO website content at their desk. As smartphones have been banned from many meetings (as well as schools) we are working on new ways to access our articles: ENDURO will get a standalone app for the Apple Watch!
This allows managers and businessmen to read the most current ENDURO news during boring meetings and presentations, maximising the amount of work time indulging their passion for bikes.

Words & Photos: Christoph Bayer

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