We’re announcing another new addition to our long-term test team! As the clock struck once again, long-term tester Pirmin headed to Stuttgart – or more specifically, to Magstadt – to collect his latest whip. This is one of the two very first models of the new Centurion Trailbanger, the newly launched enduro bike from the Swabians!

After the 2014 model was released, Centurion temporarily put the Trailbanger on hold and now the completely revamped frame is finally back on the market this year. For our long-term test we’ve received a pre-production bike and here are our impressions.

Der neue Centurion Trailbanger ist eine komplette Neuentwicklung und kommt noch 2015 auf den Markt.
The new Centurion Trailbanger is a completely new development and will hit the market in 2015.
An der Front kommt eine brandneue Fox 36 Fit4 Factory Kashima 170 mm, welche bereits über eine werkzeuglose Schnellspannachse verfügt, zum Einsatz – Ein Testbericht folgt in Kürze!
The front is going to take brand new Fox 36 Fit4 Factory Kashima 170mm forks, whose quick release axle means no tools are needed – Review to follow!
Am Heck ist ein ebenfalls neuer Fox Float DPS Dämpfer mit vergrößerter Negativluftkammer zu finden. Zusammen mit dem neuen Hinterbau ergibt das einen satten Federweg von 165 mm.
On the rear there’s the Fox Float DPS shock with an enlarged negative air chamber. Alongside the new rear concept, this gives a tidy 165mm travel.
Die 27.5“ Laufräder sorgen für Laufruhe auf dem Trail und für gute Klettereigenschaften im Uphill.
The 27.5” wheels roll freely and climb like a pro.

The Geometry

The Centurion’s geometry definitely errs on the long and flat side of things – the head angle is lovely and slack at 65.5°, ensuring a relaxed ride and stable handling with the 610mm top tube (size M). At 178cm, Pirmin opted for a size medium (reach 441mm) for his test bike.

Screenshot 2015-05-12 12.57.36
Der Hinterbau verfügt bereits über den neuen Boost Standard (148x12 mm). Da darf auch ein moderner 1x11-Antrieb nicht fehlen. In diesem Fall kommt dieser aus dem Hause SRAM.
The rear comes built with the new Boost standard (148x12mm). And this definitely wouldn’t be right without a modern 1×11 drivetrain, which comes courtesy of SRAM.
Der Schaltzug und die Leitung der Rock Shox Reverb Stealth sind im neuen Aluminium-Rahmen innen verlegt und sorgen somit für eine aufgeräumte Optik.
Both the shifter cable and the hose for the Rock Shox Reverb Stealth are internally routed in the new aluminium frame, giving the bike a clean look.
Klein aber fein! Die am Rahmen befestigte Kettenführung aus dem Hause Centurion soll ein Abspringen der Kette verhindern.
Small but perfectly former! The Centurion chain guide located on the frame should prevent any jumping.
Ob die Avid Guide RC 200/180 mm Bremse allen Belastungen stand hält wird sich zeigen…
Only time will tell how the Avid Guide RC 200/180mm brakes can hold up in all conditions.

Targets and plans

For the current season Pirmin’s schedule is looking pretty full. While he’s got plenty of weekend trips in the pipeline, he’s targeting Tirol’s wild Schnitzeljagd in Sölden. But that isn’t his only enduro event for 2015, as he’ll line up at several stops of the European Enduro Series. And Pirmin’s biggest trip of the year will most certainly be his month-long bike trip through Austria, Italy, France and Switzerland after graduating from the technical college in Munich. The Trailbanger with its well-engineered spec and race-orientated geometry will have to prove itself at amazing locations such as the Aosta Valley and Lenzerheide.

Pirmin hat diesen Sommer mächtig viel Freizeit und wird im Zuge dessen das neue Centurion Trailbanger ausgiebig testen.
After graduating, Pirmin’s summer looks wide open so the Trailbanger is set for some exhaustive testing.
Trailbanger – ob der Name Programm ist wird sich bald zeigen.
The Trailbanger – will the name set the pace for the ride?
Insgesamt ist der Rahmen hochwertig verarbeitet und lässt das Bike zusammen mit den Fox Kashima Komponenten sehr edel wirken.
The frame is very well finished and boasts a great spec with the Fox Kashima components.
Mit den Hometrails rund um Garmisch-Partenkirchen hat sich das Centurion Trailbanger bereits angefreundet.
The Centurion Trailbanger has already acquainted itself with the trails around Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

Planned adjustments

The otherwise common tubeless conversion isn’t necessary as the bike was delivered to us in all its tubeless glory – thanks Centurion! However, the Continental TrailKing tyres are set to be swapped for some grippier ones that can handle the steep trails around Garmisch-Partenkirch, which are frequently wet and slippery. Moreover, Pirmin prefers a shorter stem and higher bars so that’s also on the agenda. We’re looking forward to a successful and (hopefully) crash-free season with the brand new Centurion Trailbanger. Keep in the loop on our interactive timeline and check out how the Centurion Trailbanger manages in the long-term test.

About the tester:

Born: 1991 | Riding history: his hole life | Height: 178 cm | Weight: 67 kg | Job: est rider and student

Words: Pirmin Fischer / Christoph Bayer | Picutres: Christoph Bayer

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