The undefeated leader on the market when it comes to dropper posts, there is barely a bike in our test fleet that isn’t kitted out with the RockShox Reverb Stealth. After several hundred hours of use, it’s time to take stock of its performance.

Die RockShox Reverb Stealth: Ein Produkt, dass sich als Klassiker etabliert hat!
The RockShox Reverb Stealth: a product that has now become a living classic!

This 11-speed drivetrain has surpassed cassettes with 9 or 10 sprockets, nigh on obliterating 2-speed cranks in the process, and 26″ bikes have now been pretty much wiped out by rides with 27.5″ wheels. While the mountain bike market has been well and truly turned on its head multiple times over the past few years, the RockShox Reverb has managed to cement its presence, essentially becoming the one industry’s constant feature since its launch onto the market in 2012.

RockShox setzte mit dem hydraulischem Remotesystem neue Maßstäbe.
RockShox’s remote dropper system has set new standards.
Mittels Matchmaker-Schelle montiert, herrscht Ordnung am Cockpit!
The Matchmaker clamp means order can reign on your cockpit!

The dropper post in question has left riders fully convinced by its infinite hydraulic adjustment. Who wants a manufacturer to prescribe just which saddle height position is the right one for your trail? The Reverb’s hydraulic system is reputed to require less maintenance and ensure more sensitivity. Being able to set the speed of the height changes is a further useful setting.

The Stealth model is controlled by an internally routed cable, which not only gives the system a tidy look but also minimizes risk of damage in the event of a crash or when hauling it on and off cable cars. The seat height is easily adjusted via the bar-mounted lever, which – thanks to the Matchmaker clamp – is compatible with SRAM brakes and gear levers and can be positioned on either side of your bars, and either above or below.
With diametres of 30.9, 31.6 and 34.9 mm, the Reverb Stealth also comes in three different lengths: 380, 420 and 430 mm. Similarly, the adjustment range can be 100, 125 or 150 mm.

Für jedes Bike gibt es den passenden Durchmesser und Hub. Auch unterschiedliche Längen werden angeboten.
Whatever the bike, the Stealth comes in a range of diametres, adjustment range and post length.
Auch beim Winkel des Sattels findet jeder seine Position.
When it comes to the angle, each rider can find his or her ultimate position.

On our timeline dedicated to long-term tests, there are frequent entries relating to broken parts, parts needing services, and parts that just aren’t working as they should – however, checking out the Reverb, which happens to be fitted onto no fewer than 15 individual bikes, it’s a revelation to see that there are no such reports to be seen. In our eyes, this can only mean one thing: RockShox have succeeded in creating a solid product that wholly deserves its place on the market thanks to its reliability and faultless performance. In fact, our sole criticism of the Stealth is related to its slightly slower hydraulic dropping time and reduced viscosity of the fluid in cold conditions.

Montiert an der Unterseite des Lenkers ist die Ergonomie hervorragend.
Brilliantly positioned on the underside of the bars for great ergonomics.
Ist der Rahmen im Sattelrohrbereich weit heruntergezogen, sollte man die 150-mm-Variante in Betracht ziehen.
For frames with a low seat tube opening, you’ll be wise to consider the 150 mm length post.

For those times when a little servicing is called for, the Reverb – just like SRAM brakes – is satisfyingly easy to bleed and the necessary kit handily comes delivered with the post. Compared to its competitors, a full service does veer on the more complicated side of things – and it’s recommended that you ship the post off to a service centre, although in all our years of testing we are yet to reach that critical need for a service.

Wird das Rad auf den Kopf gestellt, sollte auf den Remote-Hebel geachtet werden.
Watch out for the bar-mounted lever if you’re about to tip the bike upside down.

If you prefer to attach the remote lever upwards on your bars, pay attention when tipping the bike upside down, as the lever could break due to the weight of the whole bike. Opting for an 11-speed drivetrain, we’d recommend fixing the lever onto the underside of the bars, where there’s increased protection from damage and the ergonomics are at their best. Take care not to overly shorten the cable either – if your bars get swung around in a crash, the cable could get viciously yanked out of the lever.


While at 618 g it’s not the lightest dropper post on the market, RockShox have succeeded in designing not only the most versatile post we’ve ever encountered but also the most reliable and efficient – if you don’t believe us, the absence of any complaints or mechanicals on our long-term test timeline is testament to this. In our eyes, the RockShox Reverb Stealth is a serious must-buy!

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Words: Daniel Schlicke Photos: Christoph Bayer

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