The Enduro Meeting has moved the mountain trails from Cordoba in Argentina last weekend. Bikers from all Argentina, Chile and Panama arrived to the Cabana Bikepark to enjoy this first Enduro party.


The trails were specially developed for this competition with a lot technical sections, with some drops and rockgardens that made the trails super fun, complicated and technical.


The Enduro Meeting offered five hard transition stages and others five Special Stage (PS). The PRO rider Jeremias Maio from Zenith Cycles Team, that came from the province Rio Ceballos in Cordoba got the podium with 00:15:46 final time.


This event is the first one in his class, and was organized to set a legacy in Argentina. The organizers hope to see this event growing on a steady pace year after year. The Enduro Meeting will be announcing the Enduro Meeting Series Championship in 2014, with many more races around the country.


We are proud of the help gotten from enduro-mtb and if you want to get more information about the race, please follow this link: and Facebook

Words: Enduro Meeting Foto: Raul Robino

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