You’ve got an urge to race, or you just want to conquer the world’s toughest trails. Your heart beats for technical challenges, tight corners and high speeds on rough trails, and the kind of wet roots that make other riders scared are more likely to make you drool. You’re full enduro, bro – or sis!

When you think of Finale Ligure, you think of DH-Men, Madonna, and Ingegnere instead of the beach and promenade. The downhill is everything to you when it comes to mountain biking. You don’t mind a bit of Dolce Vita, but only after your ride! Whether on the Italian Riviera, in the Rocky Mountains or on your home trails, the more challenging the line, the better! You also regularly push your limits in the bike park and enjoy putting the riders with their big downhill bikes to shame on the technical, double black tracks.

Adrenaline is your drug of choice and having fun on the descents is your reward for the climbs, no matter how steep. You love technical challenges on the world’s most iconic and toughest trails. To get quicker and more confident on them, you keep honing your riding technique, your setup and your equipment. Your goal is to flow through sections where others have to push their bikes. If you can beat your buddies and impress the locals with your creative lines while you’re at it, the post-ride beer after a long day in the saddle will taste twice as good.

Although you prefer letting gravity do the work on descents, your days in the saddle are long and exhausting. The best trails and enduro stages aren’t always accessible by lift. Even if the climb is only a means to an end – or rather trailhead – you benefit from an efficient bike and a relaxed, central riding position. 1000 metres of elevation difference in one go is no problem for you: downhill, of course! On seemingly never-ending and rough descents, you benefit from a bike that does a good job of absorbing vibrations and impacts, so that you can keep holding on to the handlebar for longer and blast through rock gardens even faster. Whether on loose scree, wet roots or hard-packed berms in the bike park, your bike provides you with traction, speed, fun and plenty of reserves for hard impacts. You’re fast even when you’re riding blind and if the section behind the next turn is harder than expected, your bike can iron out obstacles without bucking you off or puncturing the tires and breaking a rim, letting you and your bike get home in one piece. You’ve got everything you need in case things do go wrong, though you don’t have to carry a backpack. In addition to a water bottle, all the essential tools and spares are stowed on your bike.

Our recommendations for enduro shredders

Specialized and Trek demonstrate how it’s done, not just integrating multi-tools but also designing their bikes with storage compartments inside the frame. But you can safely leave your backpack at home even without a “trunk”. You can use a strap to attach a tube, pump and other essentials to your frame, and thanks to a range of clever multi-tools, you can make use of the cavities in your bike e.g. steerer tube, handlebar ends and crank axles, to carry an entire toolbox worth of tools. In addition to high-tech solutions and products, our ultimate guide includes a bunch of hacks for attaching tools and other trail essentials to your bike if you’re on a tight budget.

Face it! No one has ever become a champion overnight and the probability that you will win your first enduro race is close to zero. But that’s ok because what matters most is having fun: be a bro, not a pro – even as a woman! If you’re interested in finding out more, check out our essential guide for your first race.

Copying worked at school and instead of trying to figure out which components and which settings make the most sense on the trails, you can imitate the guy next to you the world’s best riders. For our enduro race bike group test, we were able to test the actual bikes that the best racers on this planet ride. We don’t just tell you which is the fastest bike, but also provide you with all the setup tips and tricks that make the likes of Jack Moir and Richie Rude so fast. But beware: just like school, don’t blindly copy everything. Not every pro tip makes sense for us mortals. Nevertheless, check out our pro bike checks for more valuable tips and tricks on how the pros set up their racing machines to compete on the world’s toughest trails.

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Bike recommendations for enduro shredders – read our reviews to find out more!

How about an eMTB?

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