Unfortunately a misunderstanding between Canyon’s team management and the race organizers around the rules applied during the trainings brought Fabien in an arguing situation after he was issued a 5mn penalty. The definition of shuttling in during the training period (Friday and Saturday) has not been properly defined in writing to everyone and the Organisation considered shuttling as driving around the valley. Few riders have been reported as doing so, and even one rider has been caught directly by crankworx management and send back the village (without consequences). Fabien did not feel the situation was handled properly by the organization as there was a lack of definition and no proof beside Fabien’s forthcoming honesty on the fact that there was a lack of clarity in the rules applied.

I have been honest and clearly mentioned to the Organisation that I did drive 1.5km from my apartment down to creek side with my car on the highway 99. At first, I did accept the facts especially if it was a misunderstanding from my team manager but then I realized that the case of many other riders had been simply overlooked. There is no written rule about shuttling or driving around anywhere from the organisation and there is no way to shuttle up the stages in whistler as they are in the middle of the mountain.” Fabien says.

The EWS is a new series that is building its professionalism and ruling event by event. I have been the first one to help developing it to keep the spirit of enduro and the FairPlay for all riders. I just feel that Organisation has taken me as example to create fear with the others of what could happen but I do not agree with this type of procedure!