With the Enduro World Series season kicking off shortly, things are starting to hot up with more news and information about the season and even years ahead filling our screens. Earlier in the week came the new that there will be a new round of qualifying events that the EWS hope will offer riders a clearer route into the series. More on that and other news below:


Emerald Enduro – 300 marshals needed for EWS spectacular

We’re delighted to announce that the 2016 race sold out and we are excited to be part of a global program that visits 3 continents this year.

If you weren’t one of our lucky golden ticket holders fear not there are still plenty of ways to take part. We’re on the hunt for marshalls and we’ll give you a day to remember for sure. We are looking for hardworking, enthusiastic people who are prepared to take on all roles as directed by team leaders.

Volunteers should be at least 16 years old and you do not need any previous experience, you will be clearly guided on what’s happening. If you have any specific skills, for example if you speak any foreign languages then let us know. In return we provide a goddie bag including a cool event tee shirt, lunch and snacks throughout the day. The added bonus is you get to rub shoulders with the best riders in the world.

Want more information on marshaling? Head to the Emerald Enduro – Website.

Wicklow to host EWS qualifier event

In other news announced yesterday the EWS is adding a qualification route for riders for 2017 with 16 events featuring worldwide.These Qualifier events will allow Enduro Mountain Bike Association (EMBA) members to gain points based on their results, then the best three results of the year will be totaled on December 31st to generate their global qualifying ranking. From these rankings the top 80 Men, top 30 Women, top 15 Under 21 Men and Women and the top 20 Masters will be added to the reserve list for Enduro World Series races the following year. But the series hasn’t forgotten its roots and amateurs will remain at the heart of the series and can continue to enter through the lottery application process that was successfully rolled out earlier this year.

We’re delighted to announce that the Gravity Enduro Event in Djouce woods on the 3rd/4th of September will be one of these qualifying events. Other nearby events include Kinlockleven in Scotland in November, 2 SuperEnduro and 2 French Tribe Sports events so plenty of choice for Irish riders looking to qualify.

Want to know more about the qualifier events? Then head to the Enduro World Series – Website.


Interview: Chris Ball – Enduro World Series Director

The managing director of the EWS, Scotsman Chris Ball has seen his vision for Enduro racing blossom around the world. A former Downhill racer and UCI technical delegate, Chris has been championing Enduro racing for what it should be, a group of like minded friends racing the best trails and most importantly having fun. Our Press officer Ben Marchant caught up with him when he flew to Ireland recently to see how things were shaping up for May.

Ben Marchant – Why are you returning to Ireland in 2016

Chris Ball“Because of the incredible work that Niall and his team has done and because of the amazing welcome that all the riders and their teams got in 2015. There’s no better place to be coming back to.”

BM – What’s your biggest memory from Ireland

CB“The noise, the fun, the excitement, the crowds, combined with the excitement that it brought to the riders. Noone knew what to expect, it was just perfect and it was just the funnest weekend of the year.”

BM – What did Greg’s victory mean, it seems to have opened the door to the young guns.

CB“It was a year for the young guns coming through – Florian Nicolai, Greg and Richie Rude. While Richie’s breakthrough was in Samoens, it was kind of expected that Richie would do that, given he had the mentoring of Jared, World Champs and DH junior stuff, whereas Greg showed that it didn’t take that background to win so the eye opener, I think it’s inspired a lot of young guys to make reality of what they have hoped for. Opened the door for them.”

BM – What makes a good EWS race?

CB“People, people, people, people and amazing trails. Good people, good trails and you can have an amazing EWS.”

BM – What do you say to people that say Enduro should be in the high mountains?

CB“The whole purpose of Enduro is that it should be on the type of trails that people ride all over the world, you couldn’t say that MTB should only happen in the high mountains so you can’t say Enduro should only be in the high mountains.”

BM – What are the plans for the EWS in the future.

CB“More of the same, getting bigger, better, trying to tell the story better. Trying to improve the live aspects of the events, trying to support the riders and find new and exciting venues all over the world, including Ireland.”


BM – What’s the ideal EWS racer.

CB “Someone who is mature, calm, focused, not to serious that knows how to get the job done. Very experienced, takes care of the details while not losing site of the long game. So bit of everything and just a general machine.”

BM – Where are you in terms of the UCI?

CB“Speaking terms. All good, debating details around stuff. They like what we are doing. We should be making things more sustainable and doing things for the riders like anti-doping and we can’t do that without the UCI but equally it needs to be done in the right way. We’re not rushing into anything, we’re taking our time and getting things right.”

BM – Who are the ones to watch in 2016?

CB“Definitely Greg Callaghan, Jared Graves on his new Specialized bike could be a real force to be reckoned with. Richie Rude proved with his three wins that he is a real force to be reckoned with, first time ever that that’s happened and on all kinds of terrain. Just when you think it’s going to be too physical for him he goes and smashes it out of the park. Definitely one to watch.”

“In the women, interesting with Tracy stepping back. Cecile (Ravanel) is definitely going to be the favourite. Anneke Beerton on a new team, Team GT, a more relaxed team, she could really step up her game and then there’s a bunch of girls in the wings like Katy Winton, big team, proper support on Trek.”

“Back to the men’s, Florian Nicolai, I think if he continues to mature he’s got the physical capabilities, he’s got the technical capabilities. Alex Cure made a few silly mistakes with decisions with equipment and stuff, quite a lot of mechanical problems just cause he gets a bit too excited but the talent is definitely there so he could be one to watch as a bit of an outsider who could pull of something pretty special. Same with Jesse Melamed, proved some pretty big things last year in non-EWS events and then I think maybe let the pressure get to him a bit too much, got injured, definite talent. Also Mark Scott, Scottsman, signed to Santa Cruz, big step, on a much lighter bike, it’s about 2.5 kilos lighter than his last one, he could be onto big things too, another young one.”

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Words: Enduro World Series Press Release Photos: Enduro World Series / Matt Wragg

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