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ENDURO’s Most Wanted List: 11 Hottest Bikes From 2016

As we prepared to slip drunkenly into a new year, it’s time to take a look back at some of the amazing bikes that hit the market in 2016. Some challenged convention, some brought new technology and some were just downright beautiful. Join us as we turn it up to 11 and check out some of the most desirable bikes of 2016.

UNNO 160 mm Enduro Bike


So cool it doesn’t even have a name. The 160 mm UNNO is the definition of desirable, handcrafted with Spanish flair in a design studio in Barcelona and with geometry numbers that would make a supermodel blush – this is going to be one of the hottest rides in 2017.

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Kingdom Vendetta Boost


Just look at it! Titanium, clean lines, elegant and brutal in its intent. With a boost rear end and enough space for a 2.8-inch tyre, it’s a hardtail for those who love pointing downwards. We had so much fun testing this bike that our UK editor brought one.

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Zerode Taniwha Pinion P1.12


Is this the future? We don’t care as long as it looks this good. There have been many gearbox equipped bikes, but the 160 mm Zerode Taniwha delivers a stylish slap to the face. With huge ground clearance and a 14 kg weight, this may be the bike to start the next generation. Full test coming soon!

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