No shoe brands can compete with Five Ten when it comes to winning over the hearts and soles of gravity riders. For the coming season the shoe company have expanded their range and unveiled two brand new female models as well as a version of the Freerider designed especially for poor weather and a minimal version of the Kestrel.

Bei Five Ten gab es nicht nur neue Farben, sondern auch einige neue Modelle zu begutachten.
Five Ten didn’t just treat EUROBIKE to new colours but also to some brand new designs.

Five Ten Kestrel Lace

Trail and enduro riders will be particularly excited to see the new and trimmed-down version Five Ten Kestrel Lace, which has done away with the BOA lacing system, the two part rubber compound for the sole and the carbon for extra stiffness. Despite these sacrifices, the SPD shoe still manages to pass off as a quality shoe, impressing the wearer with its flexible upper – which, according to Five Ten, is more breathable. The Kestrel Lace will be available from next spring with a price tag of 139 €.

Der neue Five Ten Kestrel Lace ist in einer Herrn und einer Damen-Versionen in jeweils zwei Farben erhältlich. Hier Version Nr. I für halbharte Kerle.
The new Five Ten Kestrel comes in male and female models, each with two colour options. Shown here is version nr.1 for the guys.
Die zweite Farbvariante ist klassisch rot/schwarz.
The second colour option is classic red/black.
Für die Damen gibt es den Schuh in Grau/Bordaux ,,,
For the women the shoe comes in gray and maroon …
oder in der hier rechts zu sehenden schwarz/blauen Version.
… or in the black and blue version shown here on the right.

Five Ten Freerider ELC

Admittedly, the new Freerider ELC shoe might raise some eyebrows, and will surely come down to personal taste. Here at ENDURO however, we’re sold on this distinctive-looking shoe, designed to do battle with bad weather, bringing a splash of colour into the dreary months of autumn and winter. The Freerider ELC is slightly stiffer than the regular Freerider model, which should render it more suited for trail and enduro riding. The super wide tongue over the laces will keep your foot drier for longer and ease the task of cleaning.

Fällt auf: der Five Ten Freerider ELC mit seinem auffallenden Design.
Not the subtlest shoe around: the Five Ten Freerider ELC.
Auch die zweiter Farbvariante sticht nicht weniger ins Auger. Dieser Schuh schreit nach Aufmerksamkeit wie ein ADHS-Kind im Kindergarten.
The ADHD kid at kindergarten: the second colour option is no less attention-seeking.

Five Ten Freerider Contact (Frauenmodell)

“The female-specific version of the Freerider that we launched last year went off like a rocket”, explained Ulf from Five Ten as we caught up with the team. This prompted Five Ten to design a women’s version of the Freerider Contact, accounting for a narrower instep, smaller sizes and two new colour options. In shops from December, this shoe will start from size 35.

Der Freerider Contact ähnelt farblich stark dem neuen Kestrel Lace.
The Freerider Contact channels very similar colourways to the Kestrel Lace.
Durch den glatten Sohlenteil unter dem Fußballen soll sich der Schuh leichter auf dem Pedal positionieren lassen.
Due to the flattened sole under the ball of the foot, the shoe should be easier to position on the pedals.
Hier zu sehen: die zweite Farbvariante des Ladyschuhs.
Shown here is the second colour option for this female-specific shoe.

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Words & Pictures: Christoph Bayer

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