After three years in development, Norco used the Demo Day at EUROBIKE to launch their all-new 100mm fully, the Revolver FS, to the public. Both the suspension and the geometry are primed to compete on the world’s XC race routes, and the bike has already notched several national victories onto its belt.

Coming in four model options, the Revolver will enter the market with both 27.5″ and 29″ wheels, and features an exclusively carbon frame that is reputedly the lightest and stiffest XC race frame that Norco have ever created. The A.R.T rear end, which is essentially Norco’s optimized version of a four-pivot suspension system, intends to unite pedal efficiency with great traction on climbs.

Das Norco Revolver FS wird sowohl mit 29"- als auch mit 27,5"-Laufrädern angeboten werden.
The Norco Revolver FS will be offered with either 29″ or 27.5″ wheels.
Der A.R.T Viergelenk-Hinterbau soll Treteffizienz und Federungsperformance vereinen.
The A.R.T four-pivot rear is intended to unite pedal efficiency with suspension performance and traction.
Alle Modellvarianten des Revolver FS sind mit einem 1x-Antrieb ausgestattet.
Each of the model options of the Revolver FS comes with a 1x drivetrain.

The Revolver’s orientation towards XC is visible in the geometry: the 70.5° head angle and 74.5° seat angle are testament to its climbing prowess. The Gravity Tune technology enables the length of the rear to be altered to various frame sizes, ensuring that the rider is always centrally positioned on the bike. A longer reach provides a nicely stretched-out position, while the long wheelbase ensures stability on descents.

Geometry Norco Revolver 29 FS:

Size S M L XL
Top tube horiz. 574 mm 601 mm 628 mm 655 mm
Chainstays 437 mm 439 mm 442 mm 444 mm
Steering angle 70,25° 70,5° 70,75° 71°
Seating angle 74,75° 74,5° 74,25° 74°
BB drop 38 mm 38 mm 38 mm 38 mm
Seattube 410mm 445mm 485mm 530mm
Reach 415 mm 435 mm 455 mm 475 mm
Stack 604 mm 622 mm 636 mm 650 mm

Geometry Norco Revolver 27.5 FS:

Size XS S M L XL
Top tube horiz. 537 mm 564 mm 591 mm 618 mm 645 mm
Kettenstreben 422 mm 424,5 mm 427 mm 431 mm 435 mm
Steering Angle 70° 70,25° 70,5° 70,75° 71°
Seating angle 75° 74,75° 74,5° 74,25° 74°
BB drop 20 mm 20 mm 20 mm 20 mm 20 mm
Seattube 380 mm 410 mm 445 mm 485 mm 530 mm
Reach 387 mm 409 mm 430 mm 452 mm 474 mm
Stack 558 mm 568 mm 579 mm 589 mm 600 mm

The spec that Norco have chosen means they’re covered for a lot of bases, and it’s virtually the same for the 27.5″ and the 29″ models – with wheel size and tyre choice being the only differentiating features. Interestingly, Norco have kitted each model out with a 1×11 drivetrain and RockShox forks. The Canadian company has decided to offer the 27.5er in five sizes (XS/S/M/L/XL), while the 29er has just four (no XS in this case).

Norco hat viel Entwicklungsarbeit in die Lagerung des Hinterbaus investiert.
Norco has spent a significant amount of time when it comes to mounting the rear shock.
Die Komplettbikes kommen zwar ohne Teleskopsattelstützen, es ist jedoch ein Leitungszugang für interne Zugverlegung vorhanden.
While the complete bike doesn’t come with a dropper post, there is an opening suitable for internal cables.
Alle Modellvarianten des Revolver sind mit RockShox-Federgabeln ausgestattet.
Each Revolver model is kitted out with RockShox forks.

The 9XX and 7XX are the top of the range models, both featuring high end parts such as lightweight RockShox RS-1 forks, a DT Swiss XRC 1200 Carbon wheelset and SRAM Guide Ultimate brakes – all of which keep the weight below 10 kg, and the lightweight SRAM XX1 drivetrain definitely does its part to help here. The second-tier and more affordable model, the 9.1 FS and the 7.1 FS, features RockShox SID RLT forks, SRAM Guide RS brakes and the slightly heavier SRAM X1 drivetrain.

Mit der Gravity Tune genannten Technologie passt Norco die Hinterbau- an die Oberrohrlänge an.
Using the Gravity Tune technology, Norco alters the rear to fit the top tube length.
Inzwischen Industriestandard: interne Zugverlegung.
Now an industry standard: internal cables.
Einziger Wermutstropfen: Kein Modell kommt standardmäßig mit Teleskopsattelstütze.
One sore point: none of the models feature a dropper post as standard.

The Revolver 9.2 FS and 7.2 FS comes kitted out with RockShox SID RL forks and the new Shimano XT groupset, including brakes and drivetrain. The cheapest Revolver model is the 9.3 and 7.3, which takes RockShox Recon Silver TK front forks and a Monarch RL. SRAM’s new GX drivetrain is responsible for shifting.

Prices: Norco Revolver 29 FS:

  • Norco Revolver 9XX FS: 7.999 €
  • Norco Revolver 9.1 FS: 5.199 €
  • Norco Revolver 9.2 FS: 3.999 €
  • Norco Revolver 9.3 FS: 3.099 €

Prices: Norco Revolver 27.5 FS:

  • Revolver 7XX FS: TBA
  • Revolver 7.1 FS: 5.199 €
  • Revolver 7.2 FS: 4.199 €
  • Revolver 7.3 FS: 3.299 €
  • More info can be found at

    Words: Martin Stöckl Pictures: Klaus Kneist

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