Let’s be honest, who has any interest in hopelessly trying to thread cables internally through your frame? Wouldn’t it be incredible if new parts came with a simple plug-and-play installation? This ingenious concept has in fact become a reality with the new wireless MAGURA Vyron eLECT dropper seat post. While it might sound too much like sci-fi, it’s actually reality!

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With the launch of eLECT, their electronic suspension system, Germany’s MAGURA have already showcased their expertise and experience in the realm of cableless control of bike parts. The new Vyron seatpost takes this a step further as Magura are now presenting the very first dropper post that communicates virtually via ANT+.

Die neue MAGURA Vyron besitzt 150 mm Verstellweg und wird komplett ohne Kabel via ANT+ angesteuert.
The new MAGURA Vyron offers 150 mm adjustment and is controlled via ANT+ without the use of any cables.

Within just a matter of seconds, the new Vyron eLECT can be fitted to almost any bike with the right size diameter, regardless of whether the frame has internal cable routing openings or not. And the reason for that is simple: there are no cables. The order to drop the post is transmitted – with the press of a bar-mounted control, the saddle has infinite adjustment. This is due to the presence of the integrated control motor, which – similar to the eLECT lockout on the forks – regulates the inner oil flow. The Vyron also makes use of MAGURA’s tried and tested Royal Blood oil.

Über die bereits bekannte eLECT-Fernbedienung lässt sich die Sattelhöhe stufenlos verstellen.
The well-known eLECT remote controlled allows the saddle height to be continually adjusted.
Insgesamt 150 mm Verstellbereich bietet die neue MAGURA Vyron
The new MAGURA Vyron features 150 mm of adjustment.

Coming in two diameters (30.9 and 31.6 mm), the MAGURA Vyron eLECT and its 150 mm adjustment will retail at around €400. It can be purchased singularly or together with the adjustable suspension that also uses the familiar eLECT remote control.

Der Akku sitzt am Kopf der Sattelstütze und reicht für ca. 40 h Bedienung (nicht Fahrstunden). Er kann via USB geladen werden.
The battery is at the top of the seatpost and has a 40-hour lifespan (not riding hours). It can be charged by USB (the remote uses a common non-rechargeable CR2032 battery).

Should you forget to charge the battery, the MAGURA Vyron has a 20-use capacity in an emergency mode without the use of the remote lever, so you should survive those final few kilometres in comfort.

Der Remote-Hebel kann sowohl rechts, als auch links innerhalb von Sekunden mit Hilfe eines einzigen Gummibands montiert werden.
The remote lever can be placed on the left of right side of your bars. A simple procedure that takes a matter of second and requires just one elastic band.
Bei einem ersten kurzen Test überzeugt die neue MAGURA Vyron durch kaum seitliches Spiel.
On our initial brief test, the new MAGURA Vyron impressed us with the almost complete absence of lateral play.
Der Sattel wird über zwei Schrauben fixiert. Die Lasergrafur erleichtert die korrekte Justage.
The saddle is fixed with two bolts and the laser etchings ensure it’s easy to align.

Our first impression

On our short test ride, the new MAGURA Vyron proved that it works well, with no noticeable lateral play. Its ability to be fitted to almost any bike within seconds is naturally one that appeals – but skepticism remains as to how the remote lever will deliver in reality. Given its large width, we’re concerned about its positioning on the bars – could it interfere with various shifters and brake levers? We’ll be carrying out an extensive test very shortly to answer all these questions.

The new MAGURA Vyron will be available from November 2015 with a price tag in the area of €400.

For more information head to: magura.com

Words & Photos: Christoph Bayer

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