Different tactics are used by different brands at EUROBIKE, with celebrities frequently proving a good hook for the crowds and a way to stand out from the masses. Northwave took the cue, deciding to invite downhill legend and legendary party animal – who just so happens to be one of the shoe’s co-developers and Northwave team rider – Cédric Gracia to the launch of their new Enduro Mid shoe.

Produktpräsentation für Fortgeschrittene: Einfach Cédric Gracia einladen, der Rest läuft von alleine.
Advanced product presentation skills: just invite Cédric Gracia and let the launch run its course.

The plan definitely worked – and the guys manning the stand at Northwave couldn’t complain about a lack of visitors for the launch of their Enduro Mid shoe, a lightweight touring shoe that can be used with both cleats and flat pedals. The top of the range Enduro Mid features Northwave’s own SLWE lacing system with protective cover. The cheaper model comes with slightly more basic lacing.

Der Enduro Mid ist Northwaves neuer Schuh für den Toureneinsatz.
The Enduro Mid is Northwave’s newest touring shoe.
Die Innenseite ist hochgezogen, um den Knöchel zu schützen.
The inside of the ankle is cut higher to offer ankle protection.
Der hochgezogene Einsatz an der Front soll die Zehen schützen.
The front of the rubber sole is high to protect the toes.

The Enduro Mid comes with a newly developed three-part sole, which is relatively soft at the front and heel, with a tyre-esque tread. The middle of the sole is stiffer, with a flatter profile that should enable reliable power transfer and easy clicking in and out. The combination is designed to ease the act of walking while still keeping the shoe secure on the pedals.

Der Powerstrap soll den Fuß zusätzlich zur Schnürung fest im Schuh fixieren.
The Powerstrap and the laces should ensure the foot sits securely in the shoes.
Das Schnürsystem wurde von Northwave selbst entwickelt.
The lacing system is Northwave’s own design.
Unter der Abdeckung versteckt sich die Cleat-Aufnahme.
The cover protects where the cleats are mounted.

The cleat on the Enduro Mid is recessed into the sole by 6mm to guarantee that the shoe fits securely onto the pedal and supports efficient pedaling. The cleats are also protected from dirt and damage from ground contact. Extra space has been left around the cleats to allow more space for adjustment to suit the rider and use.

Die Dämpfung an der Ferse soll für Komfort beim Laufen sorgen.
The cushioning on the heel means you won’t feel like you’re walking on the hard soles of regular bike shoes.
Bei der günstigeren Version des Schuhs fehlt der Knöchelschutz.
The more affordable version of the shoe comes without the extra ankle support…
Auch die Schnürung ist bei der Budget-Variante einfacher ausgeführt.
… and more basic lacing.

The stable sections on the ball of the foot and the heel are designed to protect the foot from crashes and flying trail debris. The model with SLWE lacing has a longer side on the inside of the ankle to prevent any crank-induced injuries.

Damit man nicht vergisst, wer den Schuh mitentwickelt hat, wurde Gracias Name auf dem Schuh vermerkt.
Just so you won’t forget who has contributed to the design, Gracia’s name is printed on the shoe.
Insgesamt vier Farbvarianten wird es vom Enduro Mid geben – zwei davon mit Camouflage-Muster.
The Enduro Mid comes in four colour options, two of which come in a camo print.

The Enduro Mid will come in four colours (two per model). In a size 42, they tip the scales at just 460 g. The top of the range shoe with the SLWE lacing system come with a 165 € price tag, wile the simpler version costs 135 €. Delivery to dealers should take place from late October onwards.


For more information: northwave.com.

Text: Martin Stöckl Fotos: Klaus Kneist

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