It is the start of a new international series: six interesting venues spanning five different countries it will become the missing puzzle piece between national series and the Enduro World Series.


There have been many rumors, but now it is finally here! Some of the best and most popular Enduro races in Europe will be united to form the new European Enduro Series. It will serve as the missing link between the World Series and smaller national series. The key to the series’ success will be a perfect mixture of experienced organizers and approved locations. The well-proven transponder-timing-system is already familiar to those who took part in the Specialized-SRAM Enduro Series. Known to be very fast and, therefore, to offer more flexibility during the competition. The Regulations are consistent to those of the SSE Series. It has, however, been revised and slightly changed for 2014.


The Series consists of six events in five different countries in Central Europe. Every single one of these venues is famous within the mountain bike scene and especially interesting for Enduro riders. The first race will take place in Punta Ala, which has already been a destination of the EWS in 2013. The next stop will be Flims, followed by Kronplatz, Nauders am Reschenpass, Maribor and its final destination Treuchtlingen.

The 2014 race calendar:

19./20.04.2014 #1 Punta Ala (ITA)

05./06.07.2014 #2 Flims (SUI)

26./27.07.2014 #3 Kronplatz (ITA)

23./24.08.2014 #4 Reschenpass (AUT)

06./07.09.2014 #5 Maribor (SLO)

27./28.09.2014 #6 Treuchtlingen (GER)

The market place is the center of a city. It is always situated in the middle of a certain region. It is a place where different people meet, talk to each other and have fun together. And this is exactly why the EES also focuses on Central Europe with its destinations in Italy, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The experienced organizers of the series point out different advantages: as far as the travel expenses are concerned, a continental series is not as expensive as a worldwide one. Therefore, smaller Teams or single riders are presented with a perfect alternative. In the press, however, the series will still attract massive attention. The races will be open to licence as well as non-licence riders. In addition, one of the results will be deleted, to avoid that a single technical defect or illness can inevitably destroy the chance to win the overall standings.

The collaborative project of Trail Solutions and Racement has its source in their cooperation in the Specialized-SRAM Enduro Series over the last two years. Whereas Racement will be responsible for Registration, Timing and the Standings, Trail Solutions (under the direction of Georgy Grogger) will deal with conception and the course.


And the European Enduro Series does not only include some big events and a well-trained team of organizers, but also some huge names among its sponsors:
A promising newcomer in the field will be the XS Power Drink. The XS Power Drink was released in the USA in 2001. Since November 2012 it also joined the European market in two different flavors: XS Tropical Blast and XS Electric Lemon Blast in cans of 250ml. What is special about the XS Power Drink is its high rate of vitamin B and its limited amount of calories. In addition, the different flavors are sugar free. XS Power Drink is distributed by Amway, which is one of the leading direct selling companies worldwide. For more information on XS Power Drink

Another sponsoring partner is the iXS Sports Division, whose involvement in the sport is impossible to put in words. With Specialized as one of the sponsors it becomes clear that the Enduro Series established its position in the scene and should definitely be taken seriously. And there is another brand that has been supporting the sport at an international level for quite some time now: with SRAM we added an additional big name to our list. Finally, Maxxis rounds out a field of sponsors that guarantees some high-class racing.

For additional information on the topic, the regulations and your registration, visit

PS: At this point, we´d like to say a big thank you to the SloEnduro series organizer. They rescheduled a Slovenian race, so Maribor is able to join the European Enduro Series. Such cooperativeness is not to be taken for granted; therefore we want to mention this series´ website with the

Words:Racement Press Service Photos:Christoph Bayer


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