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EVOC NEO 16 l – Elegant backpack with a revolutionary back protector

Didn’t they forget something? The new EVOC NEO 16 l is an eye-catching protector backpack with an innovative back section. The specially-developed Airshield system is both a protector and backplate and should therefore allow for optimal freedom of movement, superb protection and excellent ventilation. What else is EVOC’s new backpack capable of? We had a closer look for you.

The most important feature of the € 250 EVOC NEO 16 l is not visible from the front.
The Airshield system is placed on the outer side. It is backplate and protector in one and therefore offers superb ventilation.

Facts around the new EVOC NEO 16 l

Volumen:16 l
Measurements: 27 x 52 x 11 cm
Weight: 1580 g*
Colours:Gold, Carbon Grey
Sizes: S/M, L/XL

The new Airshield-System wants to turn the backpack industry on its head

The EVOC NEO 16 L in detail

Over the years the Germans behind the EVOC brand have proved that they know how to build top quality backpacks. So it’s no surprise that their brand-new NEO 16 l looks incredibly well-made and also strikes as a well thought-out overall concept. From the tool compartment to the partitions of the main compartment, the many small pockets and the helmet holder everything is as you would expect it from an EVOC backpack — or even slightly better. The new EVOC NEO 16 l will be available in two sizes (S/M, L/XL) as well as in two colours starting next year.

Practical compartments and clever partitions everywhere
The half-integrated buckle looks classy and underlines the elegant look of the backpack. Obviously this also reflects on the price.
NEO = Nice!

The Airshield-System of the EVOC NEO 16 L

The most interesting and innovative feature of the EVOC NEO 16 l is its Airshield backplate system. This is an extremely flexible back protector made with a highly elastic nanotech elastomer which deforms if exposed to tension or pressure — but then returns to its original shape. The system is designed to lay directly against the body and that’s why it offers optimal protection. At the same time its extremely open design should encourage ventilation. The light blue segments improve ventilation and stop the backpack from sliding around. The system is designed to work reliably at temperatures between -20 and +40°C. The only drawback is the additional weight of about 400 g compared to classic EVOC protector backpacks.

The AirShield-back protector is the biggest innovation of the new EVOC NEO L
The blue segments are designed to offer an optimal fit and the black protector is extremely flexible

But what do you after a crash? Do you have to chuck the backpack in the bin?

EVOC doesn’t want to officially declare the Airshield as a multi-impact protector — they simply can’t guarantee that it will survive a crash 100% free of damage. But the Munich-based company gives you an even better warranty: If you crash you can send your backpack in and get a new protector free of charge.

The new EVOC NEO 16 l comes in two colours: Carbon Grey and Gold

Our first impression of the EVOC NEO 16 l

Not only does the EVOC NEO 16 l look very elegant and innovative — it is too. We had a chance to wear it at EVOC’s Eurobike stand and all we can say is that it fits perfectly adapting to the contours of the body. On top of this it feels firm and very robust. In true EVOC style, manufacturing quality, partitions and design meet the highest standards. However only a thorough test will tell us what the backpack is capable of and whether the extra weight will be an issue on long rides and tours. One thing is already clear: this much innovation comes at a price: € 250 is not peanuts!

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