If you don’t like hydro-packs or aren’t a big fan of the latest Hip Bags revival, the good old frame-mounted water bottle is the only other viable option. The Fidlock Bottle-Twist magnetic bottle-holder offers a clever and good looking alternative to the classic bottle cage.

The Fidlock-system perfectly combines the advantages of magnetic- and snap-lock systems. Just by placing the bottle close to the frame-mounted bracket, the bottle will basically get sucked in by the holder. A loud clicking noise tells us the bottle is now safely locked in place. The system also seems to withstand rougher terrain and small jumps. The bottle can easily be removed with a twisting motion and put back in place simply by using the bracket’s magnetic attraction, even while riding.

Only for right handed people? Right! The Fidlock Bottle Twist can’t be converted for left-hand use.
Simply place the Fidlock Bottle Twist near the bracket and the magnetic attraction will do the rest, by pulling and locking the bottle into place.
The holder of the Fidlock Bottle Twist integrates discreetly into the frame, and goes almost unnoticed when the bottle is removed.
The bottle features a very comfortable mouthpiece and a big opening for easy cleaning.


The bracket is attached to the frame with two screws which are included in the package. By placing the bottle close to the bracket, magnetic attraction will pull and lock the bottle into place.

The Fidlock Bottle Twist in detail

The bottle 600 ml, dish washer -safe up to 60°C (also sold separately)
Weight 114 g (holder included)
Material Polypropylen
What’s in the box bottle, magnetic bracket, two screws
Price € 34.99


Our initial scepticism got quickly crushed. The Fidlock Bottle Twist stays firmly anchored in the mount, even on rougher trails. Thanks to the strong magnetic attraction, it snaps and locks into position easily. It is also very simple to install, all in all this is a really good alternative to hydration-packs!

WMore info at: fidlock.com

Words: Manne Schmitt Photos: Valentin Rühl

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