October 20, the fifth and final scoring round for the Open EnduroAstur took place against the backdrop of the small town of Tuna (Tineo). José Antonio Díez Arriola took the win and also the EnduroAstur BTT Open Champion title for 2013. EnduroAstur about the race:

Video: Open EnduroAstur BTT in Tuña, Spain

Covadonga Gonz†lez

The race served as an excellent climax for the series, initial worries about snow on the trail were unfounded and the gentle rain falls during the previous days left the soil in good condition, ideal for both riders and spectators.

JosÇ Mar°a Alluntis

After a tough day racing on the four special stages, conditioned by the organisers in the stunning mountains surrounding Tuna, the scratch winner was Jose Antonio Diez Arriola! Joseba Leon, unable to subdue Arriola had to settle for second place, followed by Alberto Sánchez-Oro Gómez. In the bitter struggle to get on the podium Jesus Blanco Coto held off Luis Fernandez Ruiz by two and a half seconds, being the fastest Spaniard classified.
In the category Master 30, logic Arriola was victorious, with Joseba Bilbao Leon in second position and Alberto Sánchez-Oro Gómez closing the podium. In the category Master 40, Jesus Blanco Coto reaped another victory, with nearly 50 seconds over second placed Miguel Angel Rodriguez Hernanz. In third position placed Marco Antonio Fernandez Gonzalez.

JosÇ Antonio D°ez Arriola Jes£s Blanco Coto

Among the veterans, Master 50, Fernando Larrauri Basque took the victory, accompanied on the podium by Isaac Alonso. Sergio Menendez Gonzalez came home just one second in front of his most immediate rival, Jorge Sanchez Blanco, while third was Abel Garcia.

In PRO, the Austrian Jose Maria Alluntis Gonzalez and Saul Martin occupied the first two positions of the podium and in third was Markel Urrutia. The fastest among the women was Covadonga Gonzalez, beating Eva Garrido Castro.
After dominating for practically all season (only Joseba Leon could stand up to the test of Oviedo), José Antonio Díez Arriola took the EnduroAstur BTT Open Champion 2013 in Tuna. Jesus Blanco Coto snatched second place Markel Uriarte, thanks to the great performance of the Austrian and Basque , fifteenth in Tuna. Covadonga Gonzalez also wore the mallot of champion by winning decisively over Eve Feminas Monica Garrido and Carrascosa. Tuna being absent recovering from injury.

Markel Uriarte

The final podium Master Open 30 was occupied by Diez Arriola, Luis Fernandez Ruiz and Javier Sanchez Blanco.

Luis Fern†ndez Ruiz

Fernando Larrauri Olarra was the final winner Master 50, followed by Luciano Alonso Sedano and Isaac. In the category PRO, Markel Uriarte was proclaimed champion, followed by Jose Maria Alluntis and Esau Suarez Fernandez.
In Rigid, the category with the tightest classification, the victory of the category was claimed by Sergio Menendez and Jorge Sanchez Blanco, both tied on points and in possession of a win and a second place. After consulting the regulations, the victory went to Sergio Menendez, by the fact that he was the winner of the last race, finishing in second was Abel Sanchez and third Jorge Garcia.

Arriola y Covadonga PORTADA - Podium scratch final - Arriola con la Merida

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