When you think about Israel mountain biking isn’t really the first thing which comes to mind! That was certainly the case with us when the idea for this trip was born. We didn’t really know what to expect and what would be waiting there for us.


Upon arrival we were totally astonished about how modern and developed this country was. Tel Aviv metropolis impressed us the most with its youthful and cosmopolitan flair, but as we drove deeper into countryside we realized that there is so much more to discover – an unbelievable network of dusty trails.


Another Country: Israel // teaser trailer from Alex Bivol on Vimeo.


Nowadays there are plenty of bike movies out there showing strong riders and their undoubtedly amazing skills but we wanted to show the exact opposite of that – normal riders on a trip which can by done by any mountain biker. “I can do that! I want to go there!” – these words of excitement we want to initiate. Putting our skills and equipment aside, our goal is simply to get out there, have fun, travel and enjoy nature. We are all one big family which shares the passion for riding!


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Words: Alexej Fedorov | Pictures Dmitry Vakulka www.dirtpix.eu

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