GT is a brand with long tradition. But the american company is still bang upto date with the help of their newest model, presented at their Eurobike stand. Next to the Race-Enduro Sanction, the US-boys present us with the Force X, Sensor X, as well as the light and agile Trailbike Helion.

Race Ready: Das neue GT Sanction sieht bereits im Stand brutal schnell aus.
Race Ready: The new GT Sanction looks pretty fast.

Last year one was able to have a look at first prototypes with Dan Atherton during races. It is now time that the Sanction is produced as a production bike. It is delivered “race ready” and can be obtained for €4499. The customer receives a racing bike without compromises.

Am Heck bietet der Fox Float X Dämpfer 165mm Federweg.
The Fox Float X damper offers 165mm travel.
Die Fox 36 mit 160mm Federweg sorgt für maximale Trakion des Vorderrads.
The Fox 36 with 160mm travel ensures maximum traction at the front wheel.
Der breite 800mm RaceFace Lenker sorgt für maximal Kontrolle.
The 800mm wide handle bar ensures maximum control.
Die E13 LG1 Kettenführung soll die Kette auch in rauem Terrain an Ort und Stelle halten.
The E13 LG1 drive train remains safely in place, even while on rough ground.
Wie auch bei den Teamfahrern verfügt das Sanction über einen 1x10 Antrieb.
The bike comes with one-by drivetrain.

The force model range will receive the extension X in 2015, which should stand for higher downhill performance of the tyres. This was realized with the help of the adjustment of special components. Next to two aluminium frames there will be two carbon versions of the Force X. The price will be set between €2299 and €4499.

Das GT Force X Carbon Pro kostet 4.499€
The GT Force X Carbon Pro is priced at €4499.
Die RockShox Pike Federgabel ist aktuell State of the Art und verfügt im Force X über 160mm Federweg.
The RockShox Pike fork is state of the art and comes with 160mm travel.
Eine kurzes und breites Ckockpit soll Fahrspaß und Kontrolle in der Abfahrt bieten.
A short and wide cockpit should guarantee fun and control.
Das E13 Narrow Wide Kettenblatt in Kombination mit der Kettenführung soll vor Kettenverlusten schützen.
The E13 Narrow Wide chain ring in combination with the drive train should protect against chain losses.

The sensor model range has been adjusted by GT and is now presented with the Sensor X bike, which comes with a longer fork as well as an adapted equipment with extra fun. The bike is available with an aluminium frame and is available for €2999.

Das GT Sensor X in der auffällig orangen Lackierung verfügt über 130mm Federweg am Heck und 150mm in Front
The GT Sensor X with bright orange paint comes with 130mm travel at the rear end and 150 mm travel in the front.
An einem solchen Spaßbike ist eine Teleskopsattelstütze Pflicht.
A telescopic seat post is a must-have with such a fun bike.
Ein Shimano 1x10 Antrieb sorgt für die Gangwechsel am Sensor X.
A Shimano 1×10 drive train guarantees easy change of gear with the Sensor X.
Trotz 2cm Federwegsunterschied soll sich das Rad auswogen fahren verspricht GT.
GT promises a balanced ride, although there is a difference in 2cm travel.

For more information on GT’s highlights, please feel free to visit the following link:

Text & Photos: Christoph Bayer

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