After our Long Term Test Orange Alpine 160 developed wear on one of the shock bushes after just two months, we wondered if there is a better alternative. OK so on any single pivot bike the wear on these shock bushes will be considerably more than a multi-pivot bike, with their linkage taking away a fair amount of the pressures, but surely something can last more than two months? So instead of replacing the worn bush with another standard one, for it to get nailed again during the harsh riding conditions of a UK winter, we opted for an upgrade.

Left: The J-Tech Heavy Duty Bushing
Left: The J-Tech Heavy Duty Bushing

UK suspension tuning company J-Tech sent us over this little gem, their own heavy duty busing, with the promise of it lasting considerably longer than the standard one. It has a high density stainless shaft, 2 anodised alloy spacers, 2 rubber seals and a heard wearing IGUS eyelet bushing. They are available in 1/2″ or 12mm for the various shock types, and you will need 2 of them to do both ends of your shock.

Jtech Bushing-1

J-Tech claim they are super hard wearing, because of their low-friction IGUS bushing, resulting in a lot less maintenance for a tiny bit more weight compared to a standard reducer/DU bush arrangement. It was pretty simple to fit, just press out the original (a vice and 2 sockets can be used) then press in the heavy duty ones and you’re away. This will be on the Orange Alpine 160 winter test bike, so it’s performance will be reported on at the end of winter

Jtech Bushing-2

Price £14.99 (19.15 Euros) each

Words and pics: Jim Buchanan

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