The RockShox Super Deluxe RCT is one of the most popular shocks for modern Enduro bikes. For the new season RockShox gave the Super Deluxe a few invisible yet very effective updates to improve its performance even further. We tried it out for you!

The new air-sleeve of the RockShox Super Deluxe
RockShox gave the Super Deluxe RCT a new air chamber and an overhauled damper to improve its performance.

At first glance the new RockShox Super Deluxe RCT looks exactly like its predecessor. Only when looking closer a true suspension geek will recognise the update on the new air chamber. RockShox replaced the previous embossed transfer-port that equalizes the positive and negative chambers with three machined equalization ports. That’s why the small bulge on the air chamber has disappeared on the updated version of the Super Deluxe RCT. This new manufacturing-process allows RockShox to have better control over machining-tolerances and optimize lubrication inside the damper. This simultaneously improves the response of the shock and makes the compensation process between the two air chambers (short resistance) less perceivable on the classic car park test.

Here you can see the new machined ports that equalise the positive and negative air chambers.
On the updated version of the Super Deluxe RCT the small bulge on the air chamber has disappeared.

RockShox took the opportunity to revise the rebound damping of the latest version of the Super Deluxe. A new optimized check-valve facilitates the oil-flow in the decompression-phase and allows the damper to work more efficiently while making the shock feel plusher especially with higher shaft speeds. The new Super Deluxe is meant to produce more traction especially in quick direction changes and fast repetitive hits while also recovering quicker. Until now many of us were using coil-shocks to achieve this feeling but now the new Super Deluxe should replicate the characteristics of a coil by using an air-spring.

With the new rebound setting the control on the transition from compression to rebound is increased and additionaly the shock sits higher in its stroke on fast-consecutive hits and releases the travel quicker.
A cutaway of the previous Super Deluxe model. The overhauled version features an optimized check-valve in the rebound-damper.

The guys at RockShox also revised the spectrum of the rebound-setting. Until now each click on the dial hasn’t had the same influence on the rebound. Now this has changed and each click increases or decreases the rebound by the same percentage making it easier to find the optimal setup. Apart from this RockShox widened the overall spectrum to allow very light and heavy riders to find their perfect setup.

Each click on the new Super Deluxe RC is increasing/decreasing the rebound by the same percentage. Also the overall setting-spectrum has been widened.

How does the new RockShox Super Deluxe RCT behave on the trail?

We had a chance to test the new shock thoroughly. On our RAAW Madonna test-bike it performed superbly and impressed us with its very sensitive response, good amounts of support and resistance as well as a well-tuned damping setting. The rear end sits high in its stroke and offers tons of traction. All good then? Well the performance of a rear-shock heavily depends on the interaction between the actual shock and the rear-end of a specific bike-design. Since we weren’t able to compare the new version of the Super Deluxe with the old one it is impossible for us to draw a final conclusion.

The new RockShox Super Deluxe in action!
Even on the most demanding trails the rear-end always keeps composed. The shock sits high in its travel while providing lots of feedback. Top!

So is it worth upgrading to the new Super Deluxe?

The tuning of a damper has a decisive effect on how well it harmonises with the rear-end of a specific bike design. For this reason RockShox is working to offer basic, individually-tailored tuning options. So if you’re looking for a performance boost for your rear-end the new individually tuned RockShox Super Deluxe might be a very exciting option.

If you already own one of the current Super Deluxe RCT versions there is no real need to replace it with a new one. But if you’ve been riding with a cheap shock until now you might notice a massive performance improvement when changing to RockShox’s new Super Deluxe.

The new RockShox Super Deluxe RCT is a great option for all riders who have been riding with a cheap shock until now. The shock is now available with a new remote that allows you to stiffen it up from the handlebar.

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Words: Photos: Christoph Bayer/Boris Beyer