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Introducing Five Ten’s Trailcross collection – A new shoe-line developed with Adidas

With the four new Trailcross models, Five Ten wants to open up to all trail- and adventure-riders. The Trailcross flat-pedal collection was developed in close collaboration with German cult-brand Adidas.

All adventurers, explorers and trail riders who are looking for a new light shoe might fall in love with the new Five Ten Trailcross range

Five Ten’s new Trailcross line was designed especially for adventure and trail riders who use flat pedals. With a selection of four light models, there is a suitable version for any situation, from hot desert adventures to wet trips to the Scottish Highlands. All Five Ten Trailcross models feature a stiff sole, which was designed to provide optimal power transfer on the pedals and still ensure a good amount of grip, comfort and safety when walking. Thanks to a new rubber compound, Trailcross models should offer excellent grip both on and off the bike. Comparatively, the sole should place between the current Five Ten Freerider Pro and the super soft Impact Pro downhill models. Thanks to the breathable, soft and lightweight materials, Five Ten’s new Trailcross line should be very comfortable even on hot summer days and off the bike.

Five Ten Trailcross LT

The Five Ten Trailcross LT is the ideal choice for your next midsummer hike-a-bike adventure. Thanks to a special drainage on the forefoot, water will drain off quickly and easily. River crossing? Yes, please!

Name Five Ten Trailcross LT
Price € 130
Weight 364 g (manufacturer’s specifications)
Available Beginning of 2020

The perforated sole allows water to drain off quickly
The heavily ribbed tread on the forefoot provides extra grip off the bike

Five Ten Trailcross Mid Pro

Thanks to the D30 inserts, Five Ten’s Trailcross Mid Pro mid-top shoe offers more ankle protection. The integrated neoprene sock prevents gravel, muck and mud from entering the waterproof shoe

Name Five Ten Trailcross Mid Pro
Price € 150
Weight 420 g (manufacturer’s specifications)
Verfügbar Beginning of 2020

Five Ten Trailcross XT

The Trailcross XT places right between the solid Mid Pro and the light LT models. Whilst Five Ten dispenses with the ankle protection, it still relies on a neoprene sock to protect the foot from the elements.

Name Five Ten Trailcross XT
Price € 139.95
Weight 405 g (manufacturer’s specifications)
Available August 2020

Five Ten Trailcross Mid GTX

The Trailcross Mid GTX is both the winter and foul-weather shoe in Five Ten’s Trailcross range. With a GORE-TEX membrane and GORE-TEX neoprene finish, it’s designed to protect your feet from the bad weather. While the Mid GTX is a mid-top shoe like the Mid Pro, it renounces the D30 ankle protection.

Name Five Ten Trailcross Mid GTX
Price € 169.95
Weight 444 g (manufacturer’s specifications)
Available August 2020

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Words: Photos: Christoph Bayer